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How to Improve Your PPC Campaigns For Maximum Results

In the digital age, PPC type of advertising has a significant impact on the success of an online business. There are tonnes of agencies out there offering PPC marketing services. Hiring a company for its PPC advertising services not only improves your brand awareness, but also increases sales. Even Google confirms that search ads can increase brand awareness by 80%. 

In this blog, we’re going to share some great tips that will greatly improve your campaign performance, but before that, let’s take a quick look at what exactly PPC advertising services are. Unlike most online advertising platforms, PPC marketing services offer you better control over your advertising costs because you can analyze your ad performance in real time. Here are some tips to improve your PPC campaign to get the most out of it.

Have a clearly defined objective 

Until you have a clear and measurable objective, you will not be able to optimize your PPC campaign accordingly. Always keep in mind the fact that your goal is the foundation of your optimization process. If you don’t have a proper roadmap, you will get nowhere. First, you need to determine what you want to achieve with your paid search ads. Depending on your business needs, your goals could be: 

  • Drive traffic to your website 
  • Increase sales 
  • Get subscribers or downloads 

Use the powerful keyword 

Choosing the right keywords is crucial in any PPC campaign. Although Google provides you with a tool that will allow you to create a keyword list based on your website analysis, you will need to select keywords with a high CTR for your campaign to be successful. Check the performance of keywords before including them in your ad copy. Choose the ones with superior performance. 

Optimizing the quality of keywords (Keyword Score) 

One of the main reasons why most PPC campaigns do not get the results you want One of the main reasons why most campaigns PPC does not get the results you want is that you also have many keywords. According to the Digital Marketing Institute, the average PPC campaign generates all of your sales with just 12% of your keywords. Therefore, avoid overloading your keywords. Instead, your goal should be to improve the Quality Score of your keywords. 

Create a list of negative keywords 

Negative keywords can save you a large part of your campaign budget by preventing inappropriate searches from triggering your ads. These keywords will help you avoid unwanted traffic to your bank. For example, if you only use iPhone but your ads are showing on iPod, iWatch, and others, consider adding these keywords to your negative keyword list. 

Use Remarketing 

A high bounce rate is a common tool used by agencies offering PPC marketing services. Remarketing is an ideal way to capitalize on missed opportunities. You can use it to regain the attention of stakeholders who are still in the awareness phase. With remarketing, you can serve targeted ads to users who have already viewed your products or services. 

There are many ways to increase your remarketing performance to increase your conversion rates and your return on investment. For example, you can test different lead magnets, work with famous influencers in your particular niche, and much more. 

Optimize your campaigns for mobile users 

Today, around 45.12% of the world’s population is using a smartphone, hence, you cannot neglect mobile users when creating your PPC campaign. Make sure your landing pages are mobile-friendly so you can get the most out of your campaign. Pay more attention to abbreviated keywords, as mobile device users do not prefer to type in long searches. You ought to also look for ways to reduce typing. 

Keep track of your PPC campaign 

To ensure that your campaign becomes successful, you ought to monitor it regularly. Some new marketers aren’t ready to dedicate enough time tracking their campaign, which is a major reason why some of their PPC campaigns fail. Don’t forget the importance of constant monitoring, as it can give you valuable information about your campaign’s performance. If you use Google Ads, Google Analytics should be a useful tool for you. 


Regardless of the shape and size of your business, PPC advertising services can help you achieve greater visibility in search engines and increase conversion. However, to make sure your campaign works as planned, there are certain steps you need to take. In this post, we present you with insider tips that are sure to take your marketing campaign to the next level.

WordPress Website design services

5 Reasons Why You Should Use a WordPress Website

One of the questions we are often asked as a WordPress website design company is why should I use WordPress? Isn’t my old site good enough? Why do I have to switch to WordPress website design from another platform? If you are asking yourself these questions, you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to share 5 main reasons why you should use WordPress website design services.  

One of the most common misconceptions about WordPress is that it is just a blogging platform. It is not. While WordPress started out as a blogging tool, over the years it has grown into a powerful website builder and strong content management system. The best thing about WordPress is that it is easy to use and flexible enough to create different types of websites. That is the main reason why WordPress has become so popular. 

According to a recent survey, WordPress operates 32.3% of all websites on the Internet. Due to its strong features, many of the top brands use WordPress to power their websites, including Time Magazine, Facebook, The New Yorker, Sony, Disney, Target, The New York Times, and more. Let’s take a look at why you should use WordPress website design services to build your website. And also, which WordPress website design company you should opt for.

WordPress is free as in Freedom 

WordPress is a free CMS. It means that you can download, install, use and modify it for free to suit your needs. You can use it to create any type of website. While the WordPress CMS itself is free, you need a domain name and web hosting to install it. And it’s not like since WordPress is free you will have to compromise with quality, trust us, it’s nothing like that. WordPress offers quality and quantity, both, that too for free!

WordPress is SEO compliant 

WordPress is written using high quality standard compliance code and generates semantic markup. In non-geeky terms, this makes Google and other search engines love WordPress. This is the reason why WordPress website design tends to rank higher than others in search engines. WordPress is very SEO friendly by design. You can also use WordPress SEO plugins to further optimize your website. 

WordPress is easy to manage 

WordPress comes with a built-in update management system. This is a great way to update your plugins and themes from your WordPress admin panel. WordPress will also notify you when a new version of WordPress is available so you can update your site with the simple click of a button. 

To keep your data safe from accidents or hackers, you can easily use a WordPress backup plugin to automatically create backups and store them safely in a remote location. You can also manage your WordPress site on the go with the WordPress mobile apps. 

WordPress is safe and secure 

WordPress was developed with security in mind and is considered a very secure platform for operating a website. However, just like in the real world, the Internet can be an unsafe place. There are intruders who want to get their hands on as many pages as possible. To keep your WordPress site safe, there are a few simple things you can do to make it even more secure. For more information, check out our step-by-step WordPress security guide for beginners. 

WordPress can handle different types of media 

WordPress is not limited to just writing text. It comes with a built-in media loader for processing images, audio and video files. WordPress supports oEmbed-enabled websites, which means you can embed YouTube videos, Instagram photos, tweets, and Soundcloud audio by simply pasting the URL into the WordPress post editor. 


We hope this article has answered your question about why you should use WordPress. The best way to really experience the power of WordPress is by using it. Give it a try and let us know what you think. If you’re looking for a WordPress website design company then we at Whitehat Codes can be the perfect fit for you. We offer WordPress website design services at really affordable prices and keep your vision in mind while designing for you. Visit us to know more.

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Tips to Choose the best SEO company for your business

If you are reading this blog because you were pondering upon the question “how to pick an SEO company” then, Congratulations! Your SEO journey has just begun. Knowing the benefits of an effective SEO campaign is the first step to success. That means you have done your homework and that’s a great thing. 

How do we know? 

That’s quite easy to predict as you are looking for advice on choosing an SEO agency and it simply shows that you understand that SEO is a full time job. 

It takes dedication, resources, and ongoing review to ensure efforts produce world-class results. And all of these responsibilities can keep you from doing what you love best to run your business. Handing over the task of sort of tiresome SEO to professionals can help your business in reaching greater heights. 

They are also experts in this digital campaign. Hence, they keep you and your business up to date with the latest trends. This ensures that an effective strategy is developed to produce the most appropriate results specific to your brand. 

We all agree upon the fact that hiring a specialist for SEO is probably the best thing to do, but the big question is, which SEO agency should you work with? If you are pondering upon which company to choose, you are not alone. The internet is literally flooded with self-claimed top SEO companies, so how do you know which one is the best for you? 

 Also, choosing an SEO agency is serious business. Entering into a contract with an SEO agency is rightly said as the beginning of a long-term relationship. And as with all other successful relationships, they must be able to trust each other.  

How to find the best SEO company for your business? 

So you can’t just pick a name that looks good enough. You need to do your research and keep your eyes open to get the answer to your question of “how to pick an SEO company“. Here are ten tips on how to go in the right direction and pick the best SEO company in USA for your business.

 Define Your SEO Goals 

 Take a look at the services each agency offers. Which of them fits your goals? This will help you narrow your search and select the best and most reliable SEO company for your needs. Determine what areas of your online presence you need to work on. So start with a competitive digital marketing analysis. Do you need a new website or are you just tweaking your current SEO tactics? 

 For example, when a business decides it needs a new website, it needs to know how. WordPress is currently a popular option. However, before deciding on a WordPress theme, you should consider the following factors: 

  •  Load speed 
  •  Device compatibility 
  •  Browser performance 
  •  Plugin integrations 
  •  SEO support 
  •  Ease of customization 
  •  Update availability 

But just a website design is not enough to make your brand profitable and hence, you will need some additional help from the SEO company. So choose a theme that will facilitate your efforts. 

Gather all relevant information 

Can the company support its claims with facts? For this, what you really need is an unbiased opinion about the SEO agency. There is a ton of data to look at, like: Online reviews, case studies, and client testimonials. And you should try to read them all, beginning with the most recent ones. This is a relevant indicator of how far the company is in current SEO trends. 

Start by searching for it on Google and Yelp. And since each industry has unique modules and different consumer expectations, you need to do your research. A reputable agency will be happy to provide you with all the information you need. 

Identify the techniques they use 

To get evidence of an agency’s effectiveness, ask about the top numbers for SEO performance indicators. 

Even if they cannot provide all the information due to client confidentiality clauses, they can provide evidence of how well they are doing their job. Lastly, the ones that are professional and reliable SEO companies often track and measure campaign results. This allows them to refine strategies to achieve optimal results. 

Top SEO metrics to track are: 

  •  Rankings 
  •  Leads & Sales 
  •  Organic Traffic 
  •  Keyword Rankings 
  •  Backlinks 
  •  Bounce Rate 
  •  Pages Per Session 
  •  Average Page Load Time 
  •  Click Through Rate ( CTR) 

 Visit SEO Company 

As mentioned above, it is a relationship. So meet the people involved. Talking to them on the phone is one thing, but meeting the team face-to-face is quite another. This will give you an idea of ​​the people involved. 

This is basically an opportunity for you to get in touch with the entire team who will be handling the SEO task for you. Both the parties should be able to understand each other from the beginning. Putting all members on the same page from the beginning saves time and resources. Also, in this part, the agency will walk you through some of their tactics. Not only does it bring your passion and creativity to the table, it also shows your attitude towards you and your company. 

Know your budget 

Always consider your budget before investing in an SEO agency. How much can you spend? 

A non-competitive local service campaign can cost a few hundred dollars a month, while a more aggressive national competitive product can cost thousands. Do you have the means to provide long-term support for your SEO campaign? Everyone knows and accepts it, that budget is definitely an important factor before choosing an SEO agency. You need to research SEO packages that fit your budget.

Beware of SEO guarantees. 

It is one thing to show positive results and quite another to guarantee certain results. Be suspicious of an SEO company guaranteeing them, as there is no way to accurately predict a website’s SERPs. 

While SEO agencies have a good idea of ​​how to get the best results, Google’s algorithms are constantly changing. Therefore, the experience and number of years an agency has in business are critical factors in the effectiveness of an agency’s strategies. 

Think Beyond SEO 

It’s great that you take SEO seriously. But think about the big picture. What else does your website need to stay one step ahead of the competition? Above all, focus on how to increase revenue with actual sales and conversions. 

Many SEO agencies offer advanced SEO campaigns. You should choose one with enough knowledge and experience to help your brand grow. To do this, you need to ask about conversion rate optimization and AB testing. 

Avoid choosing a “cheap” SEO agency 

Price is important when it comes to SEO agencies and services. You ought to set a budget and find an SEO company within that budget only to maintain a balance between expenses and finances of your company as well. The mistake, however, is that many companies set unrealistic budgets. For example, you see agencies that offer SEO for $ 100 a month and you think that is a fair amount. 

However, the truth is that SEO companies that promote these ultra-low prices and claim themselves to be the “best SEO company in USA” or “reliable SEO company” often fail to deliver. They deliver unsatisfactory results when it comes to their strategy, for example using copy and paste methods to get non-existent returns. Or they don’t communicate with their team. Again, that lack of service results in a terrible customer experience and a return. 

With SEO, you get what you pay for, so you need a realistic budget. Educate your business on SEO pricing. Then you can set a manageable monthly budget for SEO services. For reference, businesses spend an average of $ 750-2000 per month, although that number can vary based on their strategy, business size, and more. 

Don’t look for local SEO companies only 

Working with a local SEO agency is an advantage in choosing a good SEO company. However, when it comes to what to look for in an SEO company, the location of your agency shouldn’t be your number one factor. You want to prefer experience, performance, and customer experience over location, as this will have the biggest impact on the quality of your service. Limiting yourself to a small area can prevent your business from getting the results you want. 

Don’t choose a Blackhat SEO Agency 

Your company (and your executives) want results. However, SEO does not provide instant results. In most cases, the return will take three to six months. This feature can lead to frustration and smart companies falling in love with blackhat’s SEO strategies. 

Blackhat SEO describes unethical (and ineffective) long-term SEO tactics. While you can use blackhat approaches to quickly rank in search results, you’ll quickly get out of page one. Worse still, Google can even prevent your website from reappearing in search results. This means that people cannot find your business website using the world’s largest search engine. 

You don’t want that, so you should focus on established Whitehat SEO agencies. These companies use best practices and ethical strategies to help your business rank in search results. In most cases, cheap SEO services and blackhat SEO agencies go hand in hand.

A Final Thought 

 Remember that SEO is a complex process. Includes many details and nuances. However, they all have the same goal: to make your website easier for search engines to understand, increase online visibility, and make your website more user-friendly. 

There are other types of SEO depending on the size of your business. For example, a B2B SEO agency can help you tailor strategies for your business so that you can take advantage of SEO. It can help you outperform your competitors, get more leads, increase sales, maintain more market share in your industry, and take ROI to the next level. 


SEO is a valuable investment that should not be passed off as technical jargon. It’s more of something to start with sooner rather than later. In fact, consider this the ideal opportunity to increase your brand awareness and equity. With the right campaign, your website can get both quantitative and qualitative visits. 

 If your marketing budget allows it, hiring a reliable SEO company is a great way to grow your business. But finding the best one is undoubtedly the toughest part. You want to work with a team of experts who are as responsible for the success of your business as you are. They trust that they are building the right image for their brand. 

We hope this blog would have helped you in finding the answer to your question of “how to pick an SEO company” and now it’s the time to choose the best SEO company in USA for your success.

wordpress site SEO friendly

How to make your wordpress site SEO friendly?

As a WordPress site owner, you want to make your site SEO friendly so that it ranks higher in the search engines. You might be wondering about how to make your WordPress site SEO friendly. Higher rankings on Google and other major search engines will increase your blog visibility and you will get more organic traffic.   

We’re not even talking about low traffic. According to Search Engine Journal, sites listed on the first page of Google search results get 91. 5% of the traffic share for the keyword or phrase. The first result alone obtains 32. 5% of this traffic.    

How to make your WordPress site SEO friendly?

Although there is no magic trick as such to fool around with Google’s algorithm, there are a few steps you can take to optimize your code, formatting, and content so that search engines can easily find and index your blog. These steps are – 

Step 1: Choose a managed hosting service  

Since site speed, page load times, and security all affect SEO, managed hosting can help streamline the optimization process. Once you have chosen a hosting service, we recommend that you choose a reliable and successful hosting provider.   

Step 2: Select a WordPress Theme that is SEO Optimized  

Did you know that mobile devices accounted for 60% of organic search engine visits this year? Responsive theme to optimize your site for desktop and mobile devices. You will also need to consider the code and design of a theme when making your selection. A code made in poor manner or use of a theme that is loaded with features can simply slow down your site, which will negatively impact visitor experience and search rankings.   

Step 3: Update permalink settings  

With one click, you can change the permalink structure to include the keywords you are targeting in your post. Keep them updated and hence make your site SEO friendly. First of all, make sure that they are properly sized and compressed to maintain the speed and performance of your site. Secondly, make sure they include alt text as alt text would increase the accessibility of your content to visually impaired readers and even those readers using devices with low bandwidth connections.   

Step 4: Create XML sitemaps 

XML sitemaps are those files that list every page of your website so that the search engines can easily find, crawl, and index your content. You can create a sitemap manually, but the process requires code. Otherwise, there are plenty of sitemap plugins you can install to do the job for you.   

Step 5: Optimize page titles and meta descriptions  

Page titles & meta descriptions are undoubtedly two important factors for SEO. In addition to your URLs, they tell readers what they can expect to learn by clicking on your article or page in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). They also help search engine bots determine the relevance of your content and match it to search queries. 

Step 6: Optimize your images  

Optimizing your images is a two-part process. First of all, make sure that they are properly sized and compressed to maintain the speed and performance of your site. You can do this manually or use an image optimization plugin like Insanity. Then make sure they include alt text. Alt text also makes your content more accessible to visually impaired readers or readers using devices with low bandwidth connections.   

Step 7: Provide links to related content  

Internal links are essential for onpage SEO. By linking your related content, you are helping search engines find all the content you have on a particular topic. This would enhance your chances of ranking for the keywords associated with that topic. By linking to other useful articles and pages, you will also give your visitors better experiences and convince them to stay on your site longer.   

Step 8: Organize Your Content with Categories and Tags  

One more way you can opt to help site engines and readers understand your site structure is to use categories and tags to organize your content. With categories, you can separate your pages and posts into larger categories, so you can be more specific with tags. Using these taxonomies will also help visitors find the content they are looking for quickly and help search engines understand the structure of your site.   


We hope the built-in WordPress features or plugins described above would have answered your query of how to make your WordPress site SEO friendly. It will increase your chances of ranking on search engines and getting more organic traffic. If you want to make your site SEO friendly then we recommend you to opt for our skilled team of SEO experts to achieve your desired results.

10 Important SEO ranking factors in 2021

SEO ranking factors continue to change, and it can be difficult to catch up with the latest development. But if you want to go to the top of your Google ranking, you should know about them. A high-ranked site gets more traffic over time, and means more potential customers and sells. If there is no SEO, the search engine will gain your site and will not do anything with all your efforts. 

Following are the top latest ranking factors of SEO for the year 2021. They are –

The secure and accessible website 

Undoubtedly, the first of our SEO ranking factors has to do with having the URL of the right kind. To be precise, that’s a URL that Google’s bots can easily reach and crawl. In other words, Google must visit the URL and look at the contents of the page to see the contents of the page and understand what the page is about.

Page speed (including the speed of the mobile page) 

The speeds are cited as one of the many years of SEO ranking factors. Google wants to improve the web user experience and accelerate web pages. Google has announced the search engine algorithm update that focused on the speed of the mobile page that has begun to affect the site as of July 2018. If your site is not loaded fast on your mobile device, it can be penalised. 

Mobile friendliness 

Mobile friendliness is another important SEO ranking factor.  More people use mobile devices to use mobile devices instead of accessing the web, but Google has changed how to rank search results. 

Domain age, URL and Authority 

Did you know that about 60% of the site with the best Google search rating is 3 years or more? The one million pages of Ahrefs studies suggest that there are few sites less than a year to achieve their rankings. If you have your site for a while and optimize it with this article, it is already advantageous.  

Optimized content 

The Google search algorithm is based on keywords. These are used when words and phrases look for information. They are also words and phrases that explain the topics of your site. Ideally, they coincide. Therefore, it is important to use keywords in content. 


Google Freshness Algorithm is a real game changer. The first extended algorithm in June 2010 has had a powerful impact in recent years. It may be a huge update to the previous article using a lot of old-ranked content. Google seems to be something biased to the new content because it prioritizes and confirms that at least some SERP functions are updated.  


One of the most important Google Ranking factors aims to provide the most relevant and useful results to better understand the user’s intention behind the search query. The rankbrain uses the machine learning machine to understand the relevance of the complex search and the specific topics at the same time that the user considers how the user behaves to the exact set of search results. Therefore, users and the most successful search results are rewarded with higher rankings. 


Backlink is one of the most solid ranking signals in Google’s search algorithm. The more links of multiple high performance domains, the better your possibility is well classified for the best keywords. A person of online marketing in charge must pay attention to the latest updates, such as “Penguin 4.0”, and should pay attention to a site with cleaned and filtered sites with backlinks of low-quality. 

Core Web Vitals

Previously announced in May 2021, but was postponed by Mid-june, with a full rollout in August 2021, sites with good Loading, Interactivity and Visual Stability measured with the Largest Contentful Paint, First Input Delay and Cumulative Layout Shift metrics accordingly.  

Schema Markup 

SEO will go locally in a big way, so if you think Google is highly classified, this is an important ranking factor, especially for small business SEO. The schema marking code helps the search engine better understand specific text, such as address, phone number, recipes, review and more.


SEO ranking factors play an important role in performance of your website and online business. If you’re looking to hire a company to offer you with it’s SEO services then we at Whitehat Codes will be glad to provide you with them. We are known for our SEO services, content marketing services, WordPress development and much more. You can visit our website to know more about us and our services.

The Ultimate Guide to JavaScript SEO

What is JavaScript SEO? 

The Web is in the golden age of front-end development, and JavaScript and technical SEO are experiencing a renaissance. JavaScript SEO is a part of technical SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that aims to make JavaScript-heavy websites easy to crawl, index, and searchable. The goal is to make these websites find and rank higher in search engines. 

Is JavaScript good or bad for SEO?  

It Depends On The Situation! JavaScript is essential for the modern web. It makes the built website scalable and easier to maintain. However, certain JavaScript implementations can be detrimental to search engine visibility. 

How does JavaScript affect SEO? 

JavaScript can affect the following page elements and ranking factors that are important to SEO: 

  •  Content rendering 
  •  Links 
  •  Image lazy loading 
  •  Page load time 
  •  Metadata 

How to make your site JavaScript SEO friendly?

Many processes are similar to SEO and have been used to, but there may be subtle differences. 

 On-page SEO 

All normal page SEO rules such as content, title tags, meta descriptions, Alt attributes, robot meta tags, etc. Continue to apply. Several problems that we repeatedly see when using JavaScript websites are that the title and description can be reused, and the alt attribute in the image is rarely set. 

Allow crawling 

Do not block access to resources. Google needs to be able to access and download resources so that they can render the page correctly. 


Change the URL when the content is updated. You might be aware about the History API, but you should also know that for JavaScript frameworks, they will have a router that will allow you to map to a clean URL. You might also not want to use hash (#) for routing. 

 Duplicate content 

When using JavaScript, the same content can have multiple URLs, which can cause duplicate content problems. This may be due to the case, ID, parameters with ID, etc. So all of these can exist: 

  •  domain.com/Abc 
  •  domain.com/abc 
  •  domain.com/123 
  •  domain.com/?id=123 

The solution is simple. Choose a version you want to index and set canonical tags. 

SEO plug-in options 

For JavaScript frameworks, these are often referred to as modules. When looking for frameworks + module names (like “React Helmet”), you will find versions of many popular frameworks (like React, Vue, and Angular). The meta tags, Helmet, and Head are all popular modules with similar functions, allowing you to configure many popular tags required for SEO. 

Error page 

Because JavaScript frameworks are not server-side, they can’t really throw server errors like 404. There are several different options for the error page: 

  • Use JavaScript to redirect to a page that responds to 404 with a 4444 status code.
  • Add a noindex tag to the failed page and display an error message such as “404 page not found”. This will be considered a soft 404 because the actual status code returned will be 200 okay. 


The JavaScript framework usually has routers that map to clean URLs. These routers usually have an additional module, and site maps can also be created. You can find them by searching your system + router site map, such as “Vue Router Sitemap”. Many rendering solutions may also have sitemap options. Once again, just search for the system you are using and Google system + site map, such as “Gatsby Site Map”, you will definitely find an existing solution. 


SEO is used for server-side 301/302 redirects. But Javascript usually runs on the client side. This is good because Google processes the page according to redirects. Redirection still passes all signals, such as PageRank. You can usually find these redirects in the code by searching for “[removed].href”. 


Generally, different frameworks have some module options that support some features required for internationalization, such as hreflang. They are usually suitable for different systems, including i18n, intl, or many times the same module used for header tags (such as Helmet) can be used to add the necessary tags. 

Lazy loading 

usually has modules that handle lazy loading. If you haven’t noticed, there are modules that can handle almost everything you need to do when using JavaScript frameworks. Lazy and Suspense are the most popular lazy loading modules. You will need to delay loading images, but be careful not to delay loading content. This can be done with JavaScript, but it may mean that search engines cannot detect it correctly. 

Final thoughts 

JavaScript is a tool to use wisely, not something to worry about. We hope this article helps you understand how to best use it, but don’t be afraid to contact the developers and work with them and ask them questions if you’re a total newbie in this field. We at Whitehat Codes also provide services for JavaScript SEO and if you want our help, we’d be glad to hear from you soon. You can visit our website to know more about us and our services.

What Is Google MUM Algorithm?

What is Google MUM? 

Google’s Multitask Unified Model (MUM) is a new technology used to answer complex questions that do not have a direct answer. Google MUM is an artificial intelligence tool designed to simplify the way people search online. This new Google algorithm update is designed to understand the comparisons implicit in search queries (the example Google gave in the keynote is how to prepare for a hike in two different mountains) and provide the most appropriate answers. 

Google MUM Features 

The Multitask Unified Model is both multitasking and multimodal: this means that it can connect information to users in a new way, and it can also understand information of different formats, like web pages, images, etc. 

This Google algorithm update represents the extraordinary evolution of BERT—less than two years ago, which was described as “the greatest advance of the last five years and one of the greatest advances in the history of research”, because it contains “a thousand times the number of nodes or Decision points in the neural network, the project relies on nerve junctions in the human brain “and” training using scanned data from the open network to remove low-quality content. ” 

Language can be a significant barrier to information. MUM can transfer knowledge through language to break these limits, because it can learn and help obtain this information from resources written in languages ​​other than the language in which we write the research. 

What is Google MUM for? 

Google MUM helps solve a common challenge that search engine users face: “having to type a lot of queries and do a lot of searches to get the answers you need.” 

As Senior Vice – President Prabhakar Raghavan noted, Google’s mission is to “make information more accessible and useful to everyone,” and advances in artificial intelligence “push the boundaries of what Google products can do.” In the past two decades, our goal has been “not only to better understand information on the Internet but also to better understand the world, because when we understand information, we can make it more useful. 

By learning a new and complex subject, caregivers seek reliable information about the COVID vaccine or parents are looking for the best way to go home. ” 

MUM can make SEO obsolete 

BERT was the first milestone on the road to change search engines from matching keywords to explaining the context of words in sentences. Before Google MUM, BERT changed the rules of the SEO game. Google recognizes that there is no other way to optimize for BERT other than optimization for users. BERT reduces the impact of keywords on page ranking. The system now mainly focuses on whether the web page responds to the user’s query, even if the exact keyword is missing. 

Google MUM can completely change the search engine, making the concept of SEO obsolete. People don’t search the page directly, they just ask MUM a question, and MUM will do the job like a human personal assistant. Keywords are irrelevant. When Google MUM can understand natural language, why do we force ourselves to write queries in “keyword” language? 

Of course, keywords are still important in the sense that the query still contains keywords, but they no longer help rank the web page better. There is no idea how to optimize the content for Google MUM. There will be no direct way to play with the search engines. People will always stop writing articles for algorithms and instead write articles for people. 

Final Thoughts 

The power of this Google algorithm update—Google MUM, lies in its multilingual, multitasking, and most importantly, multimodal capabilities. It will completely change the search engine and may increase the impact of BERT in future. Every time there is a Google algorithm update, SEO experts must make adjustments. 

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Top 7 Effective Link Building Techniques for 2021

If link building techniques are not in your SEO dictionary, then it’s time to get a new one. Obtaining relevant and authoritative backlinks is one of the best ways to improve keyword rankings and drive organic traffic. If you have heard of link building before but don’t know much about it, you are not alone. 

Over the years, link building techniques have undergone major changes, and companies can use a variety of methods to obtain backlinks. In this article, we will take a glance upon link building techniques and focus on the most commonly used strategies in the industry. 

Top 7 effective link building techniques –

Unlinked brand mentions 

Generally, publications mention a company in the article without linking to the company’s website. This brought a quick win for link building. In cases where your brand is mentioned but there is no link, you can send a request to the website editor asking if they can update the article with a link to your website. This process of finding the unlinked mentions is probably one of the most popular and successful link building strategies, especially for big brands. 

Local link building 

Local link building is a technique of allowing other websites in your nearby area / local area to link to your website. Although this is a great way for small organizations to gain organic traffic, this method of link building can also be one of the most challenging because local opportunities may be limited. Local link building usually involves contacting smaller, less authoritative organizations in the area where your company is located. 

Guest blogging

If you have the time and resources to create written content for industry websites, you may want to incorporate guest blogs into your link building strategy. Guest blogs usually involve contacting third-party posts and offering to create content for them. In exchange for providing high-quality articles for your website, the website will usually allow you to link to your own website in the article. 

Content-based link building 

Unlinked mentions and directory links are easy to win, but chances are limited. For this reason, many companies have found that using linkable content is the most effective way to ensure the long-term success of link building activities. In fact, this is the main strategy that many companies use for most of their customers. 

List your site in a trusted directory 

There are many directories online that have no real value to Internet users, and Google has excluded them from their search results. You don’t want your website to appear on this type of page. But not all online directories are bad. A directory not only just gives you the opportunity to post links to your website, but on the other hand it also provides useful information for your potential customers. 

Recover dead backlinks 

Sometimes you may find broken links pointing to your website. This can happen if the location of your page changes or if other webmasters misspelled your link. In both of these cases, such backlinks will show a 404 error. This type of problem can also frequently occur after the site is rebooted or migrated to another domain. Then you need to redirect these backlinks to other pages. 

Find the Strongest Competitor Healthy Backlinks 

Since Google released the Penguin update in 2012, strong links have not been the only concern for webmasters. If you do not want to be penalized, the link must also be secure. How do you find strong but risk-free links related to your niche? 


Link building techniques are a game of art and numbers. There are several ways to link to your website. Whether it’s writing new content to post on another website (guest blog) or allowing a website to insert your link into existing content (niche edit), there are countless ways to make a link point to your website. The challenge is to find an effective method.

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The Importance of Having a Mobile-Friendly Website

Websites are an important part of today’s business because they provide information about your company and your field of practice. Your website lays the foundation for your relationship with your customers until you inspire them to take action. But that means your website needs to appeal to clients based on how they use it. You may have a beautiful and dynamic desktop website, but unless the website wireframe is mobile-friendly, you’re missing out on an important part of your online presence. 

Mobile Technology Today 

In a technology-driven world, mobile Internet traffic increases desktop traffic by approximately 3% per year. Desktops and laptops are used at home and at work, and most people use mobile devices on the move. People of all ages used their smartphones and tablets to work online, search social media and read the news. 

Continuous access to content has created a society that demands information instantly on the go. As a result, many websites have been tuned to create mobile-friendly formats, allowing website visitors to use their existing computer sitting on their desk, or use their tablet while commuting. You can use your mobile phone for shopping to get what you need on the weekend while lying on your couch!

Why Do You Need a Mobile Friendly Website?

Mobile Friendly Websites are no longer just for a small number of users. It is needed for the way people today are using mobile technology. But it’s more than just about accessing mobile devices. There are several reasons why a mobile-friendly site is a good idea for you. Understanding the following reasons can help highlight the value of this approach to your company’s business goals. 

Users want mobile access

People are using their desktops for work or personal reasons, but chances are they’re using mobile devices. People are expecting to be able to find anything on mobile devices, such as desktop computers, that are very accustomed to instant access to information. Without a mobile-friendly website, leads won’t be able to easily access information about your company from their mobile device. 

Make it easy for potential customers to contact you

Websites for mobile provide visitors to the website with the ability to immediately contact them using an easy-to-click button (phone or email). Google’s most important algorithms prioritize mobile-friendly sites. Google knows that most people are online using their mobile devices, so they want their search results to match the search needs of the vast majority of users. 

Optimize your website for mobile-friendly use 

Optimization of your website in terms of format and content : if SEO content is more effective and potential customers use keywords and phrases when searching, your site will be in search results to occupy a higher ranking. Whether your potential customers search on your desktop or on mobile, mobile-friendly websites can help Google happily improve your site’s rankings. 

Mobile friendly content can be shared more 

Sharing is an important way to disseminate information. From social media links to text messages, websites, friends and family, people want to share what they see and love. However, if it’s not a mobile-friendly website, desktop to mobile sharing will not work properly. Even if the client wants to share the information with others, the information the new client gets is not in a format that can appeal to them and it may not take long to save the link for reading on the desktop.

Stay competitive

Competitors, especially those with successful internet marketing programs, have already integrated their mobile websites. If you want to go accordingly, keep busy. Whether you’re redesigning your site to look more appealing to your target population or leveraging mobile technology in the form of your site, mobile-friendly websites are an important part of a successful online business. 

Wider reach

Having a mobile-friendly site means that you can communicate with the majority of your target audience, as more people use the Internet on mobile devices than on desktops. Modifying your site for your mobile device allows you to share information with your customers and achieve your company’s business goals and website metric goals.

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Affordable SEO Services for Small Business

At the point when you think that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most savvy type of promotion today, it’s anything but whether or not you need it or not yet an issue of who can convey quality outcomes. A huge number of digital advertising organizations that guarantee they are the best SEO Company for small businesses will vie for your mark on the dabbed line yet it doesn’t imply that their guarantees will materialize and it positively doesn’t imply that you’ll get a quality profit from your investment.

To stay away from the traps of conceivably employing an organization that can’t follow through on outcomes and might hurt your online presence, you need to put a solid accentuation on examination and personal investigations into each organization to see your organization grow in the online space.

Picture your hand as a fist. To open it up and shake hands with your new and the best SEO company for you, use these 5 tips that will assist you with employing the best SEO company for small businesses.

Are you certain that you need to employ a SEO company or would you be able to take every necessary step in house?

SEO work is certainly not a one time buy. It requires exertion month over month and in case you’re a private company, it very well might be a test to commit an advertising financial plan to finishing this work consistently. Before you even start to place work into investigating organizations, ask yourself, “Is this something we can do all alone?” If you’ve never ventured foot into the online world to advance your business almost certainly, the appropriate response would be a resonating “no”.

Whenever you’ve settled on an organization, do a profound check of their services

The internet (and likely your email inbox) is overflowed with individuals offering to give SEO services to your private company however in the event that you give any consideration, these offers can go from work that solitary a few hundred dollars as a one time expense as far as possible up to organizations whose costs start in the five figures each month. Obviously, there is almost no center ground with regards to purchasing SEO administrations. Whenever you’ve distinguished your spending plan, it’s an ideal opportunity to do a profound check of the services given by these agencies.

Whenever you’ve taken a look at the services take a look at what their customers say on their site

SEO organizations that serve independent companies will make a great deal of fantastic cases and many will offer you the moon and the stars with regards to how they can help your business. A ton of organizations do this since site improvement is so unfamiliar to many. Whenever you’ve distinguished a couple of organizations who you think may accommodate your spending plan, it’s an ideal opportunity to perceive what their customers say.

Check the reviews of the site

Since the SEO organization’s site will pick and pick the surveys they post on the site, check the reviews accomplished for the organization off the site as well. Checking Google Reviews, Yelp Clutch and Upwork are incredible spots to begin. Simply search by the organization name and see genuine surveys.

Become acquainted with the people who will make it work

In all actuality when you’re searching for the best SEO organization for your company, you don’t really require the greatest SEO firm out there. You can get quality SEO at sensible costs and you shouldn’t be paying $10,000+/month to get results. Be that as it may, you will require a gathering of specialists who can offer the types of assistance they guarantee.

By following the above tips you’ve effectively distinguished whether the organization can get results through case studies, asking references and through testimonials. Now also check people at the organization to ensure they have a decent online presence of their own and have adequate experience accomplishing the work.


With regards to recruiting the best SEO company for small businesses it’s truly only one major background verification. Agencies ought to be transparent on their site and in discussion with you. They ought to have specialized information that is consistent with Google, Yahoo and Bing best practices. Furthermore, they ought to have an incredible standing serving their customers.

If you are looking for someone who can fulfill all your SEO needs under one roof that too at affordable rates, then you are absolutely at the right place. We at Whitehat Codes are a team of expert individuals who have specialised in SEO services and have years of experience. Visit our website to know more about us and our services. Now!