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Whitehat Codes Trending Custom Web Design Portfolio

If you have a business idea and you have something to communicate, a blog or a personal web page is the best option for you. This is the best way to share your experience and portfolio in the online world. Here is the ideal guide to brief the Custom web design portfolio in order to help you with the best idea of web designing.

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Therefore by opting out the custom designing, you will be able to build up an immense relation with your target audience. Within minutes, you will get just whatever you want. Yes, the promotion has certainly become quite simpler as one can imagine. With the help of WhiteHat Codes- the ultimate solution for your web design portfolio needs.

All you need is a smartphone to connect to the Internet and review your social profiles. So, if you feel the need to communicate, it is always a great idea to create a personal website or online web design portfolio. If you are searching for the best WordPress development company India, then feel free to contact us!

We, at WhiteHat Code, use WordPress as a powerful tool to build up a world class quality of contents. Be it a personal or professional blog, it will allow you to spread what you want to your target audience across the globe throughout the year. Our WordPress development services are quite efficient to perform this job at the level best. Are thinking of creating a space in the virtual world? Then check out this step-by-step guide to create your own professional website.

Typically, you could distinguish two types of web design portfolios:

  1. Portfolio of type gallery of images. These are to show some pictures of your works and the title is enough.
  2. The second one is a portfolio more focused on projects besides the image. You can add a description as well as pictures of the same project.

But one thing is quite common and that is the portfolio is filterable by category. It is quite useful if your gallery of works is quite broad.

The first step is to create the blog with WordPress

Are you curious or interested in starting your own beauty and fashion blog? To begin with, it is no secret that the blogs occupy a large part of the network. They are a clear example of how content development can generate traffic, relevance, customers, and revenues. Make a blog, be it fashion and trends, beauty or any other sector, which helps to improve your digital identity. This is something that you have to take very seriously, think how important it can become for you or your company or brand.

WordPress templates for personal blogs

Choosing a template or theme for your fashion blog is not an easy task. Trust me, the choice of the domain, as well as hosting, is key to the success of your online portfolio.


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Top 6 ways to secure your WordPress Development Services in 2019

WordPress website is one of the leading content management systems. It works based on PHP and MySQL. The WordPress website is widely used by companies across the world. As a WordPress user, I personally feel it is more sophisticated and indeed simple to use. Furthermore, it does not require much of a tech brain to master your website. However, it is important to get quick tips when it comes to the security of your content. Besides, there is a lot of vandalism happening online. In particular, content theft is the most common threat. WordPress development services

The Top 6 ways to Security:

1. The UALP Logs:

It is the basic security feature available in WordPress 2019. User Activity Log Pro is an essential WordPress plugin to monitor login activity at the admin website. The plugin helps the user to keep track of login activity for the particular account. Thereby preventing any unauthorized activity before it is too late. The following are the highlights of UALP logs,

  • Email notification
  • Customized event log
  • High password security

2. Back it up and restore:

WordPress got another interesting plugin that can back up and restore your content. This plugin allows the user to schedule or record content on local or cloud servers such as Dropbox and Google drive. Therefore, you can restore all your data from the server including the database with a single click. Furthermore, you can even transfer the data from one place to another easily.

3. Wordfence Plugin

Wordfence is a premium plugin to provide real-time protection to your WordPress website. It identifies the latest attacks and security threats to your website. In addition to that, it blocks the malicious traffic to your website and prevents your account. Quick recovery, real-time IP blacklisting is its featured highlights.

4. WP Reserve Access

Time-saving, convenient and easy are the basic qualities that WP Reserve Access. The user gets the sole right and accessibility to restore or delete an admin account which on the other hand helps the admin to restore quickly from any malware attack. The user can work worry-free with high security to the WordPress account.

5. WordPress Safe login

Another great plugin that WordPress will embrace in 2019 is Safe login. It is the most celebrated security plugin, whereas, the user gets complete protection for the WordPress website and the content. This provides back end protection and security. As a result, you can now safeguard your blog, website or any online store with WordPress.

The interesting factor is that it has two step authentications for every account. Each profile is given 6-8 digits security access code. Likewise gives you access to login safely via security generate code.

6. Using secure hosting and SSL certificate installation

The foremost way to protect your WordPress website is to make sure of hosting plan security policy. An SSL certificate is in the first place the crucial factor for any WordPress website in 2019. In addition, the HTTPS is labeled as a secure website with a higher ranking.

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10 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

A contact form contains a set of questions which the website visitors answer. Nowadays most websites over the internet use contact form plugins for receiving general feedback comments from visitors or for conducting a surveyor for various other purposes. Contact form plugins help to secure the user’s data, reduce spam attacks, and maintain consistency. You can check out the Best Websites Portfolios and see what type of contact form plugins they are using. Then you should include the right contact form plugin in your website as well. Here are the best WordPress contact form plugins that you can choose for your website!

    1. WPForms: 

      WPForms is a great WordPress contact form plugin. You can easily build your own contact form within minutes with the help of available templates in WPForms. You can integrate it with your email service provider easily. Try it out!

    2. Formidable Forms: 

      It is a free contact form plugin that comes with a pro version as well. The pro version charges $47 per site. You can definitely give it a try!

    3. Gravity Forms: 

      Gravity Forms is a premium WordPress contact form plugin which charges $39 per site. You can take help from the WordPress expert in India to create a perfect contact form with Gravity Forms. It’s perfect to create contest plugins and you can limit the entries as per your desire!

    4. Contact Form 7: 

      It is one of the most-popular WordPress contact form plugins. It allows you to create, customize, and manage many contact forms. Also, you can place the created contact forms on your website easily.

    5. Jetpack Forms: 

      Use the available tools in Jetpack forms to create a perfect contact form plugin. Otherwise, use the WordPress services India to create a unique contact form!

    6. Ninja Forms:

      Ninja Forms is an easy-to-use premium WordPress contact form builder which charges $29 per contact form. Its interface is great. You can create beautiful contact form designs with minimal efforts.

    7. Pirate Forms: 

      It is a completely free WordPress contact form plugin. With it, you can easily add the contact plugins to your website. It comes with additional features like Captcha, SMTP, and ease of customization. If you are confused about how to use it, then take help from the WordPress designer India.

    8. BestWebSoft’s contact form: 

      You can incorporate actions in the contact form by BestWebSoft. You can add a field of attachments in the contact form. Sounds great right? Why don’t you use it and create a perfect custom contact form?

    9. Visual Form Builder:

      Take help from the WordPress development company India to create a perfect contact plugin by the free Visual Form Builder. You can also use the pro version which charges $29 per site.

    10. Quform: 

      The Quform WordPress plugin charges $28 per site which you can use to create your own contact form plugins. It’s super easy to use. Plus, you can create and modify multiple contact forms as per your convenience. You can refer to the web design portfolio to understand what type of contact form plugin will be perfect for you!


How do you Figure out WooCommerce Server Requirements?

Do you want to run your WooCommerce Shop smoothly? Well, developing a great WordPress website through a great WordPress developer India isn’t just enough. You should know WooCommerce server requirements when it comes to optimizing and hosting your WordPress website over the WooCommerce platform. This will also help you to improve your conversion rates. Plus, your shop’s search engine rankings will also improve!

Choose and hire the best hosting provider:

Choosing the best web development company in India will help you to figure out the right WooCommerce server requirements. Don’t choose any shared hosting service provider. WooCommerce is now the most popular e-commerce platform in the world. This platform runs on WordPress. It’s a source of income for many small and large businesses. Different business websites have different WooCommerce server requirements. So, you need help from the experienced WordPress hosting provider. But, that’s not all. Here are a few more ways to figure out the right WooCommerce server requirements for your WordPress website.

Research and gather important data:

You should co-operate with the WordPress development India agency to gather necessary data related to your WooCommerce server requirements. Here are a few of the data that you need to research!

Your site’s daily traffic and page visits: 

Have to figure out how much traffic can your website drive on a regular basis. You can calculate how many people visit or browse your website. Use the Google Analytics tool to find these out. It will make you understand how busy the site can be during peak hours.

Average page weight and page loading time: 

Through Google Analytics, you will get data of the most visited pages. Copy and paste those page URLs to the GTMetrix. There you will gain data of each page’s weight from which you can calculate the average page weight. Also, calculate the average page loading time through GTMetrix. The hired web development India agency will use this data to match your WooCommerce server requirements.

Figure out your website’s required database size: 

You can ask the web design India service provider about your website’s database size. Also, figure out how many orders do your database have. That is an important element among all server requirements.

Enough CPU power and sufficient PHP memory: 

If your website will not have enough CPU power and PHP memory, then it will easily crash due to overload. So, focus on your website’s CPU core and RAM. Provide your website enough PHP memory limit. Choose the perfect WordPress development services India that will fulfill all your website’s server requirements.

Data backup and data protection: Ultimately, you should hire WordPress developer India who will provide the latest plugin updates to keep your website safe from harmful malware attacks. Also, the provider must offer daily data backup and staging services. Check if the hosting provider is offering you SSL certificates or not. Also, make sure that your website is using servers from legally safeguarded countries.

If you can follow these steps, then you can easily figure out the right server requirements to keep your WordPress website up and running 24/7.

economy shrinking

Is the WordPress economy shrinking?

Since 2003, the WordPress community has grown massively. It is the most powerful Content Management System or CMS on the market. There are many people who are running their businesses. These people completely depend on WordPress websites.  Different WordPress development services are helping new business start-ups in developing unique WordPress websites. Now, the question is: is the WordPress economy shrinking? What’s the future of businesses which are completely dependent on WordPress? To find out the answer, we need to dive into the areas of current WordPress market.

Bottom area:

WordPress market’s bottom area is failing. Many people are looking for inexpensive down-market alternatives. They are now adopting different DIY solutions. The WordPress designer India is using solutions like Wix and Squarespace. The designer is using available GPL WordPress design themes to create an endless number of unique website designs. These DIY solutions have made the website design process much easier and less expensive!

Middle area:

If you would see the current statistics, then you will find out that the middle area of the WordPress market is growing. Many businesses are choosing a WordPress website for various reasons like one platform, great integrated system, and customization services. WordPress services Indilike SEO, SMM, SEM, Email Marketing etc. are helping business to drive more traffic to their websites. That is automatically driving business sales. For all these reasons, WordPress middle area market is growing and gaining great profit!

Top area:

The top area of the WordPress market is focusing on cooperating with big WP teams. Large agencies now prefer to hire people in the house instead of investing their time and efforts on WordPress. Big publications like Disney, The Wire Cutter, etc. had already moved to in house solutions seven years back. So, there are lesser job requirements outside for the WordPress development company India.

Overall WordPress market situation:

If you would see the best Websites Portfolios, then you will see most of them are WordPress websites. Indeed, WordPress market’s bottom area is shrinking. But, the overall market growth is phenomenal. WordPress market can do better in the upcoming years. Plus, the businesses which depend on WordPress websites can enjoy better business growth with increased profitability.

Three core strengths of WordPress are:

  • Brand value: For the last fifteen year, WordPress has offered reliable and trustworthy services. Hence, the brand value will keep it growing in the future as well.
  • Ubiquity: WordPress is open for any finding of business. You will find more than 75 million WordPress websites running over the internet. That proves the platform’s ubiquity.
  • Community: WordPress community is massive. So many people are earning through it. Engineers, designers, marketing experts, contributors, and business owners work together in the WordPress community

Hence, the current WordPress market situation is great. Indeed, a few of its segments are not is a good situation right now. But, the other segments are growing massively. These segments are offering great opportunities to businesses, bloggers, designers, and publishers. Do you want to develop a unique web design portfolio for your business? You can hire professional WordPress developers who will help you in developing a perfect WordPress website.