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Tips to Choose the best SEO company for your business

Choosing a full service and reliable SEO company is not an easy task; and figuring out how to choose the best SEO company, that too a good one is even more difficult. It’s hard to find a company that you trust with something as valuable as your web presence, but there are many great companies out there! 

Now if you are wondering how to choose an SEO company, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered because we have researched some tips to answer your question of how to choose the right and the most reliable SEO company. 

How do businesses select an SEO firm?

According to a WebFx study, there are several aspects that go into answering this question, but a few of them are as follows. These variables were determined by the responses they obtained during their review interview and data gathering process. “What was your selection process, and why did you choose this company to collaborate with?” was one of the questions they asked.

Factor 1: Recommendations and existing relationships

Referrals and previously existing ties were identified by 45 percent of reviewers as a major factor. This makes sense because many businesses are unfamiliar with SEO services and rely on the recommendations of friends and colleagues.

Factor 2: SEO firm expertise and procedures

The second most important element in selecting an SEO firm is the company’s knowledge and methods.

Customer service, thought leadership, staff experience, reporting, and transparency are all part of this. These are all characteristics that, according to 43 percent of reviewers, can help a company succeed for its clientele.

Factor 3: Case studies, client references, and online reviews.

Past performance is closely tied to firm expertise and processes and contains particular data such as case studies, client references, and internet reviews, all of which show previous success. This was cited by 14% of respondents as a deciding factor in their decision.

Are businesses making the correct decisions when it comes to SEO firms?

While digging through their reviews, they discovered that 19 percent of businesses — nearly one in every five — had a bad experience with an SEO service before finding the ideal fit.

This reveals a few things to us:

  • Great firms still have work to do in terms of informing potential clients about what constitutes a successful SEO strategy and partnership. 
  • Businesses must devote more time to screening potential partners based on a variety of criteria in order to identify the best match.
  • To be more specific, organisations who choose an SEO agency largely based on considerations like location, pricing, or culture fit, rather than company knowledge and performance, are not conducting enough due diligence before entering into a relationship.

How do you pick the best SEO firm?

When it comes to selecting an SEO firm, you want to proceed with caution and reasoning. If you rush through the process, you’ll likely end up working with an agency that falls short of your goals, resulting in a miserable experience that doesn’t help you increase traffic, leads, or sales from search.

These 6 tips will teach you how to choose an SEO business (and prevent the scenario described above):

Take a look at SEO agencies’ performance so far 

Performance is important not only for SEO agencies, but also for businesses like yours. People look at what your company has done to see if it can deliver. You should do just the same while choosing an SEO agency. Look at your past performance, whether it’s through portfolio examples, case studies, industry awards, or client testimonials. 

With a specific performance test from an SEO agency, your company can confidently go to a consultation or association. They know that you are choosing a reliable SEO company to help you achieve your business growth goals. 

Ask past or current customers about their experiences 

Next, you want to get in touch with past or current customers. Reading testimonials, as well as in-depth interviews, can help your business understand the customer experience better. You can learn about the strengths and weaknesses of the agency and preview the strategy and reporting process. 

  • How quickly does the agency respond to calls or emails? 
  • Do customers have their own contact person or someone else? 
  • How much time do clients have to review reports and make strategic decisions? 

All of this information can help your business select the best SEO agency for you. It can also make it easier to narrow down the list of options. You can focus your efforts and time on the SEO companies that check off each requirement on your list. 

Get the answers to your questions 

The important step in choosing an SEO company is knowing your potential agencies. Before signing with an SEO agency, you want to know them. Whether you meet in person or virtually, such as via video conference, this meeting can help your team determine if it is the right SEO company for you or not. When meeting with your potential agencies, be sure to make a list of questions to get answers to.

Avoid choosing a “cheap” SEO agency 

Price is important when it comes to SEO agencies and services. You ought to set a budget and find an SEO company within that budget only to maintain a balance between expenses and finances of your company as well. The mistake, however, is that many companies set unrealistic budgets. For example, you see agencies that offer SEO for $ 100 a month and you think that is a fair amount. 

However, the truth is that SEO companies that promote these ultra-low prices often fail to deliver. They deliver unsatisfactory results when it comes to their strategy, for example using copy and paste methods to get non-existent returns. Or they don’t communicate with their team. Again, that lack of service results in a terrible customer experience and a return. 

With SEO, you get what you pay for, so you need a realistic budget. Educate your business on SEO pricing. Then you can set a manageable monthly budget for SEO services. For reference, businesses spend an average of $ 750-2000 per month, although that number can vary based on their strategy, business size, and more. 

Don’t look for local SEO companies only 

Working with a local SEO agency is an advantage in choosing a good SEO company. However, when it comes to what to look for in an SEO company, the location of your agency shouldn’t be your number one factor. You want to prefer experience, performance, and customer experience over location, as this will have the biggest impact on the quality of your service. 

Limiting yourself to a small area can prevent your business from getting the results you want. If your competition, for example, teams up with an experienced agency based in another state while you go with a local but inexperienced firm, your company and website may struggle to rank at the top of valuable search results. That means you’ll have less money, sales, and leads, while your competitor will have more.

Even if you hire a non-local SEO firm, they will frequently strive to bridge the gap. They may, for example, travel to see your staff in person on occasion. Alternatively, they might use video conferencing or phone conversations to have a more personal conversation with your team.

Don’t choose a Blackhat SEO Agency 

Your company (and your executives) want results. However, SEO does not provide instant results. In most cases, the return will take three to six months. This feature can lead to frustration and smart companies falling in love with blackhat’s SEO strategies. 

Blackhat SEO describes unethical (and ineffective) long-term SEO tactics. While you can use blackhat approaches to quickly rank in search results, you’ll quickly get out of page one. Worse still, Google can even prevent your website from reappearing in search results. This means that people cannot find your business website using the world’s largest search engine. 

You don’t want that, so you should focus on established Whitehat SEO agencies. These companies use best practices and ethical strategies to help your business rank in search results. In most cases, cheap SEO services and blackhat SEO agencies go hand in hand.


At last but not the least, make sure you’re at ease with the agency as well. You want to feel comfortable asking questions, expressing concerns, and so on. If you don’t, you can have trouble forming a long-term alliance, which is important because SEO is a long-term, continuous approach.

We hope this blog might’ve helped you in figuring out how to choose an SEO company that can assist you and your business in the world of SEO. We at Whitehat Codes certainly fulfill all the requirements which we just mentioned above. We are a team of highly skilled individuals with excellent skills in WordPress and web development, SEO and content writing services and much more. 

You can check out our website to go through some of our previous works, and to know more about us and our services.

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