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Discover the Artistic Ideas Of Building A Mobile Friendly Website

As per a recent survey, the increasing demand for mobility and digitization, and the use of Smartphones have increased by 89%. For a website owner, this shift in how users interact with the web is not surprising.

It always increases the urgency of having your own mobile-friendly website at a glance. If your mobile website users don’t experience a user-friendly site, then you are definitely driving away a huge portion of potential traffic.

Adoption of WordPress Development in India & Abroad

WordPress is the most versatile and widely used open source mobile application. It was developed initially to use blogging platforms adopted by most of the bloggers in India. Today almost 50% of the most trafficked websites in India run on WordPress. WordPress Development services in India, especially new sites, e-commerce sites, etc., have been adopted by a 29% increase every year.

On-The-Go Steps to Create A Mobile Friendly Website

Make your Website Responsive

A responsive website includes all the content and data captured the same on any device you access. It, in fact, changes the arrangement of design elements based on the type of smartphone and screen size. Most of the WordPress Development services in India provide mobile-friendly templates which is the main reason to make your website a responsive one.

Point to Point Information

Most of the users find it difficult to find the right information on any website accessing on mobile as compared to accessing it on a desktop. Think of any information that people on mobile devices are most likely to be looking for and put that position that content which attracts users directly over there hitting traffic on your mobile website.

Include Meta Tags

One of the easy and convenient ways to make your website mobile friendly is including Meta Tags. Meta tag is an easy way to control the mobile interface of your website. It actually captures the width of your mobile showing the correct resolution of design elements.

Use Large Buttons & Font Size

Reading on a small screen is a tedious task. It is always recommended to use 14 px font size for the mobile website that the right amount of user interaction is projected.

It is much easier to click on any button using a mouse for the system but for the mobile, buttons should be large to provide easy navigations for users to create a user-friendly mobile website.

Allow Easy Desktop View Switch

Some of the mobile visitors may actually prefer to view the desktop version of website even on mobile devices. Make sure to provide an option of viewing a simple button. Navigate to the desktop version of website attracting more traffic to your mobile website.

Well, these are some of the best methods to make your mobile website more user-friendly and accessible. Website having large traffic increases the adoption of Mobile Websites especially in developing digitized countries.


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10 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

A contact form contains a set of questions which the website visitors answer. Nowadays most websites over the internet use contact form plugins for receiving general feedback comments from visitors or for conducting a surveyor for various other purposes. Contact form plugins help to secure the user’s data, reduce spam attacks, and maintain consistency. You can check out the Best Websites Portfolios and see what type of contact form plugins they are using. Then you should include the right contact form plugin in your website as well. Here are the best WordPress contact form plugins that you can choose for your website!

    1. WPForms: 

      WPForms is a great WordPress contact form plugin. You can easily build your own contact form within minutes with the help of available templates in WPForms. You can integrate it with your email service provider easily. Try it out!

    2. Formidable Forms: 

      It is a free contact form plugin that comes with a pro version as well. The pro version charges $47 per site. You can definitely give it a try!

    3. Gravity Forms: 

      Gravity Forms is a premium WordPress contact form plugin which charges $39 per site. You can take help from the WordPress expert in India to create a perfect contact form with Gravity Forms. It’s perfect to create contest plugins and you can limit the entries as per your desire!

    4. Contact Form 7: 

      It is one of the most-popular WordPress contact form plugins. It allows you to create, customize, and manage many contact forms. Also, you can place the created contact forms on your website easily.

    5. Jetpack Forms: 

      Use the available tools in Jetpack forms to create a perfect contact form plugin. Otherwise, use the WordPress services India to create a unique contact form!

    6. Ninja Forms:

      Ninja Forms is an easy-to-use premium WordPress contact form builder which charges $29 per contact form. Its interface is great. You can create beautiful contact form designs with minimal efforts.

    7. Pirate Forms: 

      It is a completely free WordPress contact form plugin. With it, you can easily add the contact plugins to your website. It comes with additional features like Captcha, SMTP, and ease of customization. If you are confused about how to use it, then take help from the WordPress designer India.

    8. BestWebSoft’s contact form: 

      You can incorporate actions in the contact form by BestWebSoft. You can add a field of attachments in the contact form. Sounds great right? Why don’t you use it and create a perfect custom contact form?

    9. Visual Form Builder:

      Take help from the WordPress development company India to create a perfect contact plugin by the free Visual Form Builder. You can also use the pro version which charges $29 per site.

    10. Quform: 

      The Quform WordPress plugin charges $28 per site which you can use to create your own contact form plugins. It’s super easy to use. Plus, you can create and modify multiple contact forms as per your convenience. You can refer to the web design portfolio to understand what type of contact form plugin will be perfect for you!


How do you Figure out WooCommerce Server Requirements?

Do you want to run your WooCommerce Shop smoothly? Well, developing a great WordPress website through a great WordPress developer India isn’t just enough. You should know WooCommerce server requirements when it comes to optimizing and hosting your WordPress website over the WooCommerce platform. This will also help you to improve your conversion rates. Plus, your shop’s search engine rankings will also improve!

Choose and hire the best hosting provider:

Choosing the best web development company in India will help you to figure out the right WooCommerce server requirements. Don’t choose any shared hosting service provider. WooCommerce is now the most popular e-commerce platform in the world. This platform runs on WordPress. It’s a source of income for many small and large businesses. Different business websites have different WooCommerce server requirements. So, you need help from the experienced WordPress hosting provider. But, that’s not all. Here are a few more ways to figure out the right WooCommerce server requirements for your WordPress website.

Research and gather important data:

You should co-operate with the WordPress development India agency to gather necessary data related to your WooCommerce server requirements. Here are a few of the data that you need to research!

Your site’s daily traffic and page visits: 

Have to figure out how much traffic can your website drive on a regular basis. You can calculate how many people visit or browse your website. Use the Google Analytics tool to find these out. It will make you understand how busy the site can be during peak hours.

Average page weight and page loading time: 

Through Google Analytics, you will get data of the most visited pages. Copy and paste those page URLs to the GTMetrix. There you will gain data of each page’s weight from which you can calculate the average page weight. Also, calculate the average page loading time through GTMetrix. The hired web development India agency will use this data to match your WooCommerce server requirements.

Figure out your website’s required database size: 

You can ask the web design India service provider about your website’s database size. Also, figure out how many orders do your database have. That is an important element among all server requirements.

Enough CPU power and sufficient PHP memory: 

If your website will not have enough CPU power and PHP memory, then it will easily crash due to overload. So, focus on your website’s CPU core and RAM. Provide your website enough PHP memory limit. Choose the perfect WordPress development services India that will fulfill all your website’s server requirements.

Data backup and data protection: Ultimately, you should hire WordPress developer India who will provide the latest plugin updates to keep your website safe from harmful malware attacks. Also, the provider must offer daily data backup and staging services. Check if the hosting provider is offering you SSL certificates or not. Also, make sure that your website is using servers from legally safeguarded countries.

If you can follow these steps, then you can easily figure out the right server requirements to keep your WordPress website up and running 24/7.

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Is the WordPress economy shrinking?

Since 2003, the WordPress community has grown massively. It is the most powerful Content Management System or CMS on the market. There are many people who are running their businesses. These people completely depend on WordPress websites.  Different WordPress development services are helping new business start-ups in developing unique WordPress websites. Now, the question is: is the WordPress economy shrinking? What’s the future of businesses which are completely dependent on WordPress? To find out the answer, we need to dive into the areas of current WordPress market.

Bottom area:

WordPress market’s bottom area is failing. Many people are looking for inexpensive down-market alternatives. They are now adopting different DIY solutions. The WordPress designer India is using solutions like Wix and Squarespace. The designer is using available GPL WordPress design themes to create an endless number of unique website designs. These DIY solutions have made the website design process much easier and less expensive!

Middle area:

If you would see the current statistics, then you will find out that the middle area of the WordPress market is growing. Many businesses are choosing a WordPress website for various reasons like one platform, great integrated system, and customization services. WordPress services Indilike SEO, SMM, SEM, Email Marketing etc. are helping business to drive more traffic to their websites. That is automatically driving business sales. For all these reasons, WordPress middle area market is growing and gaining great profit!

Top area:

The top area of the WordPress market is focusing on cooperating with big WP teams. Large agencies now prefer to hire people in the house instead of investing their time and efforts on WordPress. Big publications like Disney, The Wire Cutter, etc. had already moved to in house solutions seven years back. So, there are lesser job requirements outside for the WordPress development company India.

Overall WordPress market situation:

If you would see the best Websites Portfolios, then you will see most of them are WordPress websites. Indeed, WordPress market’s bottom area is shrinking. But, the overall market growth is phenomenal. WordPress market can do better in the upcoming years. Plus, the businesses which depend on WordPress websites can enjoy better business growth with increased profitability.

Three core strengths of WordPress are:

  • Brand value: For the last fifteen year, WordPress has offered reliable and trustworthy services. Hence, the brand value will keep it growing in the future as well.
  • Ubiquity: WordPress is open for any finding of business. You will find more than 75 million WordPress websites running over the internet. That proves the platform’s ubiquity.
  • Community: WordPress community is massive. So many people are earning through it. Engineers, designers, marketing experts, contributors, and business owners work together in the WordPress community

Hence, the current WordPress market situation is great. Indeed, a few of its segments are not is a good situation right now. But, the other segments are growing massively. These segments are offering great opportunities to businesses, bloggers, designers, and publishers. Do you want to develop a unique web design portfolio for your business? You can hire professional WordPress developers who will help you in developing a perfect WordPress website.

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Taking Your Online Business to the Next Level with WordPress

Do you run an online business with a WordPress website? Well, there are more than 70 Million WordPress business websites out there. So, it has become really tough to maintain an online business’s profitability. It is already a crowded and competitive marketplace. So, whether you manage your own blogging website or you run an e-commerce website, you have to focus on growing your online business! You can take your online business to the next level by choosing great WordPress development services in India. That will help you massively. Now, here are a few ways to grow your online business!

Updating the website to make it more engaging:

Updating an engaging and eye-pleasing website is the first step of taking your online business to a top level. You can hire an experienced WordPress development India Agency for editing your business website. The agency will redesign the whole website by following the latest web design trends. The ultimate outcome will not just impress your visitors, but will also improve your website’s overall performance. Don’t forget to create engaging and easy-to-follow web content as well. Otherwise, poor website content will affect your business sales. Also, keep changing your website design from time to time. That will add up an extra element to impress your consumers.

Keep up with your consumer demands:

The hired WordPress developer India will put considerable effort into building a great website for you. So, it’s crucial that you build a website that targets your true consumers. Also, develop the website by keeping consumer demands in mind. It’s best advised that you keep a track of your consumers’ behavior. That will help you fulfill your consumer demands on time. As your consumers will be happy and satisfied with your services, your business with automatically grow to the next level.

Use analytics tools:

Who says that you have to be a coder or developer to use Google Analytics tools? Using effective analytics tools is an essential part of making your website successful. It will help you analyze how your website is actually doing. You can explore the week parts of your website that needs improvement. Then you can bring a unique insight into the sight that will attract more visitors towards it. Otherwise, you can ask the web design India agency to provide your Google Analytics report of your website’s performance. Indeed, it is an effective way to understand what your audience needs and how to grow your business.

Drive more potential traffic to drive sales:

Hire WordPress developer India who will help you to grow your website traffic. You can use digital marketing methods like SEO, SMM, email marketing, etc. to reach out to the right consumers. You can bring promotion offers with value-added deals on your website. That can also drive more traffic. The web development company in India can help you in generating more leads for your WordPress business website. But, make sure that your website visitors turn into your actual customers.

If you can follow these steps, then you can surely increase your online business sales and ROI. Automatically, that will drive your online business to the next level!


What Impact Does a Web Design has on its Content?

The term web design describes the design process relating to the client-side design of a web page including writing mark-up. Web Design needs different skills and disciplines in the production of a website.

It includes Web Graphic design, Interface design, Animations and design of the Home Page Layout. Basically, a developer hires a web designer to design their websites according to needs and within web designing. There are many parts which are carried on by different individuals. 

Features of a successful Web Design

Web designers uses various tools depending on what they are producing. The updated tools keep up with new standards. Latest software applicability is key to a great design. Yet, the principle behind all those remains the same. Hence, the core concepts should be grasped properly to become successful in web designing.

Generally, web designers use both vector and raster graphics editors to create web-formatted imagery or design and uses different animation tools to add necessary animations. 

Impact of Web Design on Content

Everyone gets attracted when there is a beautiful design, same goes with web designing. If the design of a website is user friendly and attractive then the viewers will definitely get attracted even to a lengthy content.

The web designers uses VFX and graphics designing tools to give the website a special look which will attract the masses.

Impact of Web Design in Content Marketing

First and foremost is accessibility which is rather one of the most important considerations in designing a content-heavy website. When the seller publishes a content in their websites it needs to be easy to find and read. A proper navigation would allow the users to find the information that they want, without clicking through pages of irrelevant content.

Secondly, comes the appearance which is another important factor a web designer needs to maintain. Visitors will judge the quality and trustworthiness of a website based on how professional the website looks.

Third is, the readability of the website. Along with the overall look of the website, the text should be visually appealing and easy to read and understand. Too many designer fonts and difficult words can be an act of non-professionalism and may lead the mass to leave the website. Choosing the appropriate font along with the colours is essential for helping the people to read and comprehend the content. The body also needs to be clean, large enough to read and arranged in a proper way which will be easy for the people to understand. These details looks very minor but these details can still have a major impact on how effective the marketing strategy is.

The last but not the least is comprehension. Many people are visual learners and need right animation and proper graphics to understand new topics and information.

All the factors thus state is essential to impact the content of a website. If the content is better than any other websites but not arranged in a proper manner or the design is not appealing to the mass the website may loose their customers and will start to deteriorate over time.



JavaScript – The Best Developer Code


What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is often abbreviated as JS and is a high-level, interpreted programming language. It also allows a developer to do Web Application Development. It makes dynamic and interactive web pages by implementing custom client-side scripts. JavaScript is a programming language that is characterized as dynamic, weakly typed and prototype-based. Alongside HTML, CSS, Python and many more, JavaScript is one of the core technologies of the World Wide Web and it enables interactive web pages which is very essential part of Web Design and Development.

The majority of websites use it and major web browsers across the world have a dedicated JavaScript Engine to execute it.As a multi-paradigm language, JavaScript supports event-driven, object-oriented, prototype-based and many more programming styles. JavaScript has Application Programming Interface for working with text, arrays, dates, regular expressions and many more. 

Uses of JavaScript in Web Development

Over the years JavaScript has become the most popular programming language for web development in nowadays. Recent reports suggest JavaScript is currently used by more than 94 percent of all websites. As JavaScript is a client-side programming language. It helps the developer to do Web Application Development and make dynamic. And user-friendly web pages by implementing custom client-side scripts. Developers have the advantage to use cross-platform runtime engine like Node.js to write server-side code in JavaScript. Developers have created web pages which have work across various browsers, platforms and devices. The developers generally combine JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3 to create such web pages.

There are many uses of JavaScript in Web Development and some of them are,

  • There are many JavaScript Frameworks available in the web market like AngularJS, ReactJS, and Node JS along with many more and by using these frameworks, the developer can lessen the amount of time and efforts required to develop a JavaScript-based site and app.
  • It helps to load a new page content or submitting data to Ajax without reloading the pages.
  • JavaScript also helps to animate page elements, fading them in and out, resizing them, and moving them and many more.
  • It also helps for adding interactive content for example, playing games audio, video and many more.
  • While submitting a Web form, it validates input values to make sure they are acceptable or not before submitting them to server.
  • In modern days JavaScript also helps the developers by sending a user’s personal reading habits and browsing activities to various websites for Web analytics, ad tracking, personalization of the web page and many more. 


JavaScript is truly an amazing programming language that helps Web Developers to develop and customize any web page according to their requirements. It also helps the developers to design the web page and put contents in it in a user friendly way. As JS supports object oriented programming it becomes easy to write JS code without using any specific tool. JavaScript also simplifies complex Web Application Development and brings in a responsive web design. Using JavaScript Google has started its Accelerated Mobile Pages project to create websites to deliver rich user experience across various mobile devices.

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Trendy Web Designs in 2019

Web design has always been an essential part in web development. When a developer creates a web page his/her first target is to give the website a unique and trendy design which will attract people. The trend in designing a website as beautifully as possible has never got stopped and extraordinary designs always have been in the trending list! WordPress designer India

Designs that can attract the masses

Jotting down below some designs which will be trendy from 2019 and onwards and any web developer can surely give these things a try which can attract masses and make your website a trendy one.


Google rolled out mobile-first indexing in 2018 which means web developers need to focus more on developing web pages for the mobile version. This initiative will also be carried out in 2019 so designing a beautiful website for the mobile version is always at first priority.

According to a report, it also states that 50% of global website traffic arises from the mobile. So, building a good visual effect along with a good navigating experience needs to be highly considered in web designs in 2019.


Three seconds and a web designer’s fate can be decided. According to research, it says a person decides to stay or leave a website in three seconds.

The design must be convincing to the masses and it should also be kept in mind the home page shall not contain the huge number of pictures which can affect the speed of opening a website within three seconds.

3-dimensional Illustration

If you are making a website for e-marketing, 3D Illustration is a very important point you can keep in mind. Not every time your customer can be convinced by the 2D image of the product you are selling.

A 3D image adds more sharpness and the contrast of the image and this can be very useful to satisfy your customer with the images.

Fluid or Organic Design

Slowly as we are starting to widen the ideas and possibilities, old-fashioned straight lines or any type shape such as square or rectangle has started to fade away.

Any shape that is not anything like a typical circle, rectangle, square, sphere or pentagon are termed as fluid or organic design and now can be widely seen in web pages. This gives a trendy approach to a website and can attract masses easily with the design.

Nostalgic, throwback or any kind of Retro Design

Old is Gold! An old phrase which is still doing its job now. As the web pages are eliminating flat designs where experimentation seems to have no limits old shapes or structures add a bit of nostalgia in it and can attract the masses well enough.

There was a certain time when people weren’t much aware of websites or even some haven’t heard the name of the Internet.

Web Designers can go back to that period and collect the website layouts and modify on their own. This will add more retro and a bit of nostalgia. Some may even feel that to be a new design as they haven’t seen that before.

Keeping all these designs in mind a Web Designer may start developing their websites for 2019. These designs will surely be trendy in 2019 and adding their skills with these ideas a designer can make a pretty amazing web layout to attract the people.

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Best WordPress Hosting 2019

Choosing the best WordPress hosting administration for your site would appear a traumatic task, especially if you are a beginner. There are a few web hosting organizations. Your choice must be based on your particular prerequisites. These prerequisites include the kind of site, time, budget, etc. In this manner, you should cautiously think about and assess the hosting plans before purchasing any.

There are a lot of web hosts as well as the new ones to select from. Though better competition results in better administrations at lower costs. This leads to the issue of picking the correct host to accommodate your particular needs. The test is considerably more prominent for WordPress clients, who require a supplier that comprehends their specific prerequisites.

While creating this rundown of best WordPress facilitating administrations, we have experienced an inside and out careful research. We have kept different elements deciding the quality like speed, storage space, ease of usability and customer support as a primary concern.

Let’s get to know top WordPress hosting on the basis of above-given specifications.

Best WordPress Hosting


Bluehost is the most recommended WordPress hosting organization suggested by It tends to be trusted for its years of experience and the level of involvement in improving WordPress hosting. WordPress and Bluehost have been reliably working as a team since 2005. They aim to create the best and ideal platform of WordPress.

Bluehost has made its own VPS-based design to convey ideal WordPress execution by means of NGINX. It is a custom PHP-FPM setup and is intelligently designated assets through KVM hypervisor. In case you’re not a hosting nerd, this means Bluehost has set aside the opportunity to upgrade the low-level setup of its stage for WordPress, instead of essentially managing with a static configuration.


Most web host offers some WordPress plans. They might also set up to give you a vivid description for a certain direction. You’ll frequently observe an underpowered plan, an overrated one, and an uncommon arrangement on the mid-go plan. This makes your selection simple and specific. Yet it additionally restrains your update-alternatives if your site becomes old.

InMotion Hosting is strange in offering six WordPress plans. These plans cover everything from small blogs to big businesses and retailers. So, if you want to make a decision of selecting a plan, then you need to give it some more thought. Even after this, there will be a room for upgradation or down-gradation depending on your circumstances.

Site Ground:

SiteGround is a wordpress hosting site which offers most painless experience in terms of support. It offers some amazing combination of fast loading speed, low prices, and great support.  A number of web hosting clients love security, high speed and great customer support. SiteGround incorporates the basic features of wordpress website. This makes your task much simpler and saves a lot of your time.

There are many other wordpress hosting sites which are renowned in the digital world. Some of the, are HostGator, WPEngine, DreamHost, Flywheel, etc.

If you are looking forward to building your own website, do check these hosting companies for better insights.