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If you have a business idea and you have something to communicate, a blog or a personal web page is the best option for you. This is the best way to share your experience and portfolio in the online world. Here is the ideal guide to brief the Custom web design portfolio in order to help you with the best idea of web designing.

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Therefore by opting out the custom designing, you will be able to build up an immense relation with your target audience. Within minutes, you will get just whatever you want. Yes, the promotion has certainly become quite simpler as one can imagine. With the help of WhiteHat Codes- the ultimate solution for your web design portfolio needs.

All you need is a smartphone to connect to the Internet and review your social profiles. So, if you feel the need to communicate, it is always a great idea to create a personal website or online web design portfolio. If you are searching for the best WordPress development company India, then feel free to contact us!

We, at WhiteHat Code, use WordPress as a powerful tool to build up a world class quality of contents. Be it a personal or professional blog, it will allow you to spread what you want to your target audience across the globe throughout the year. Our WordPress development services are quite efficient to perform this job at the level best. Are thinking of creating a space in the virtual world? Then check out this step-by-step guide to create your own professional website.

Typically, you could distinguish two types of web design portfolios:

  1. Portfolio of type gallery of images. These are to show some pictures of your works and the title is enough.
  2. The second one is a portfolio more focused on projects besides the image. You can add a description as well as pictures of the same project.

But one thing is quite common and that is the portfolio is filterable by category. It is quite useful if your gallery of works is quite broad.

The first step is to create the blog with WordPress

Are you curious or interested in starting your own beauty and fashion blog? To begin with, it is no secret that the blogs occupy a large part of the network. They are a clear example of how content development can generate traffic, relevance, customers, and revenues. Make a blog, be it fashion and trends, beauty or any other sector, which helps to improve your digital identity. This is something that you have to take very seriously, think how important it can become for you or your company or brand.

WordPress templates for personal blogs

Choosing a template or theme for your fashion blog is not an easy task. Trust me, the choice of the domain, as well as hosting, is key to the success of your online portfolio.


What Impact Does a Web Design has on its Content?

The term web design describes the design process relating to the client-side design of a web page including writing mark-up. Web Design needs different skills and disciplines in the production of a website.

It includes Web Graphic design, Interface design, Animations and design of the Home Page Layout. Basically, a developer hires a web designer to design their websites according to needs and within web designing. There are many parts which are carried on by different individuals. 

Features of a successful Web Design

Web designers uses various tools depending on what they are producing. The updated tools keep up with new standards. Latest software applicability is key to a great design. Yet, the principle behind all those remains the same. Hence, the core concepts should be grasped properly to become successful in web designing.

Generally, web designers use both vector and raster graphics editors to create web-formatted imagery or design and uses different animation tools to add necessary animations. 

Impact of Web Design on Content

Everyone gets attracted when there is a beautiful design, same goes with web designing. If the design of a website is user friendly and attractive then the viewers will definitely get attracted even to a lengthy content.

The web designers uses VFX and graphics designing tools to give the website a special look which will attract the masses.

Impact of Web Design in Content Marketing

First and foremost is accessibility which is rather one of the most important considerations in designing a content-heavy website. When the seller publishes a content in their websites it needs to be easy to find and read. A proper navigation would allow the users to find the information that they want, without clicking through pages of irrelevant content.

Secondly, comes the appearance which is another important factor a web designer needs to maintain. Visitors will judge the quality and trustworthiness of a website based on how professional the website looks.

Third is, the readability of the website. Along with the overall look of the website, the text should be visually appealing and easy to read and understand. Too many designer fonts and difficult words can be an act of non-professionalism and may lead the mass to leave the website. Choosing the appropriate font along with the colours is essential for helping the people to read and comprehend the content. The body also needs to be clean, large enough to read and arranged in a proper way which will be easy for the people to understand. These details looks very minor but these details can still have a major impact on how effective the marketing strategy is.

The last but not the least is comprehension. Many people are visual learners and need right animation and proper graphics to understand new topics and information.

All the factors thus state is essential to impact the content of a website. If the content is better than any other websites but not arranged in a proper manner or the design is not appealing to the mass the website may loose their customers and will start to deteriorate over time.


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Trendy Web Designs in 2019

Web design has always been an essential part in web development. When a developer creates a web page his/her first target is to give the website a unique and trendy design which will attract people. The trend in designing a website as beautifully as possible has never got stopped and extraordinary designs always have been in the trending list! WordPress designer India

Designs that can attract the masses

Jotting down below some designs which will be trendy from 2019 and onwards and any web developer can surely give these things a try which can attract masses and make your website a trendy one.


Google rolled out mobile-first indexing in 2018 which means web developers need to focus more on developing web pages for the mobile version. This initiative will also be carried out in 2019 so designing a beautiful website for the mobile version is always at first priority.

According to a report, it also states that 50% of global website traffic arises from the mobile. So, building a good visual effect along with a good navigating experience needs to be highly considered in web designs in 2019.


Three seconds and a web designer’s fate can be decided. According to research, it says a person decides to stay or leave a website in three seconds.

The design must be convincing to the masses and it should also be kept in mind the home page shall not contain the huge number of pictures which can affect the speed of opening a website within three seconds.

3-dimensional Illustration

If you are making a website for e-marketing, 3D Illustration is a very important point you can keep in mind. Not every time your customer can be convinced by the 2D image of the product you are selling.

A 3D image adds more sharpness and the contrast of the image and this can be very useful to satisfy your customer with the images.

Fluid or Organic Design

Slowly as we are starting to widen the ideas and possibilities, old-fashioned straight lines or any type shape such as square or rectangle has started to fade away.

Any shape that is not anything like a typical circle, rectangle, square, sphere or pentagon are termed as fluid or organic design and now can be widely seen in web pages. This gives a trendy approach to a website and can attract masses easily with the design.

Nostalgic, throwback or any kind of Retro Design

Old is Gold! An old phrase which is still doing its job now. As the web pages are eliminating flat designs where experimentation seems to have no limits old shapes or structures add a bit of nostalgia in it and can attract the masses well enough.

There was a certain time when people weren’t much aware of websites or even some haven’t heard the name of the Internet.

Web Designers can go back to that period and collect the website layouts and modify on their own. This will add more retro and a bit of nostalgia. Some may even feel that to be a new design as they haven’t seen that before.

Keeping all these designs in mind a Web Designer may start developing their websites for 2019. These designs will surely be trendy in 2019 and adding their skills with these ideas a designer can make a pretty amazing web layout to attract the people.

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Top 5 Best Themes of 2018 for WordPress

We all know there are thousands of themes available in wordpress for building a new website or renovating the old ones. For beginners, it becomes difficult to select the best theme for their website. Getting the right theme for your website is an important task for getting traffic and capture the audience. This helps in your blog or website to grow and become popular. WordPress Services India

 we have here selected 5 best wordpress themes of 2018 for respective categories. Select the best theme suited for your website.


Divi is made by Elegant Themes. It is quite popular among various forums. Elegant Themes are the most popular and creative theme shops for wordpress themes.

The drop builder and built-in drag feature of Divi. This will help in the creation of any kind of layouts. It will help in giving a jump-start to your new projects. It has 20 pre-made layouts in the box. You can save the custom layouts in its library which can be re-used in the future.


Themify created the Ultra theme. This WordPress theme is quite flexible and controlling as well. With the help of ultra you can create any kind of website with a drop builder.

You can check the demo setup in the ultra themes and even import them. These setups will include content, theme settings, menus etc. This theme will give a great kick start to your new project.

There are 6 header backgrounds, 15 header or page styles, 5 single post layouts, 6 footer layouts, section scrolling and many more features which will help you give your website the prefect look.

With all these features you get a bonus as well. The Ultra theme gives you 10 addons as bonus which is pricing table, counter, countdown widget, and more.


According to Mojo Marketplace, Highend is the best sold wordpress theme of 2018. Its attractive features are the drag and drop page builder, 16 attractive websites which are pre-made. This makes it an amazing multipurpose WordPress theme.

You can incorporate various portfolios, photo galleries and various other features.


One of the most premium and excessively sold WordPress theme, Avada has the best of the web designs and various pre-made websites which are fully featured. There are approximately 255+ web page designs pre-made in Avada.

It has a demo installer which helps you in selected the designs which is suitable for your niche. There are 1000s of variety which will help in customization of your site as per need.


Hestia is a multipurpose WordPress theme which is free and can be used in various niche websites. Some of them are blog, business and magazine websites. Hestia can be used for online shopping websites as with works flawlessly with WooCommerce.

It can work with live WordPress theme customizer.

All the above said themes are of premium category and used for various website niches.

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Why should you choose WordPress for your Website

People often think, why should I go for WordPress, I should rather go for a Website builder or a static website?WordPress Development Services

Well, we have compiled many reasons to choose WordPress over different platforms.

WordPress used to be a blogging platform, but with the item it has become a CMS i.e. Content Management System, that means, now you can also create a good looking website with it, with the power of WordPress, we can create any website, we desire.

It’s pretty easy to maintain for a non technical person, WordPress powers approximately 22% of the internet, that means it has lots of communities dedicated to assist you and almost every module available to increase the scope for further development.

Reasons to use WordPress:

  1. It’s an open source CMS: WordPress is an open source, that means, it’s available for everyone for free, you can view, modify and have all the freedom to play with the code.
  2. Easy to use and maintain: WordPress is easy to use and maintain, as it has all the options available in the back end, like a software.
  3. Seo friendly: WordPress is Seo friendly, in fact google loves WordPress, it shows your website on search engines in perfectly structured way.
  4. WordPress is safe and secure: WordPress is a very safe platform, as it keeps your website secured by releasing updates in a timely manner.
  5. Affordable: As it is an open source, so you don’t have to pay for it.
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5 steps to making your WordPress web site cell gracious


With the aid of Amy Simone on 5 February, 2016 Share

Mobilegeddon or Google’s 2015 mobile-hospitable replace cemented the proven fact that we are living in a cellular-first world. The algorithm replace by using the hunt-engine significant favored web sites, which were optimized for smaller monitors, including WordPress website.

No longer a running a blog device. WordPress CMS content material management system is a favourite with industry experts to construct excellent websites. Google doesn’t need websites to be simply staggering, it desires them to be cellular-companionate all of the means.

Right here comes the huge and probably the most evident question. a way to make a site mobile-chummy? Is it through age-historic hints or some new tendencies available on the market with a view to assist your trigger?

Discover by means of going through some brief advice. A good way to help you are making your WordPress web page cellular-friendly.

HOST IT right

The first component you deserve to do appropriate away is to opt for the most reliable WordPress hosting company. For people that are new to this, that you would be able to up your hosting game. By means of taking a number of issues into consideration. These consist of however don’t seem to be restricted to.

Consultants – It is always a good suggestion to select WordPress internet hosting specialists. With their talents and experience in this domain. A professional company will really be a savior when it comes to internet hosting a cellular gracious site. Studies posted with the aid of old consumers will offer you a far better perspective involving this.


The fee is without doubt one of the deciding elements when it comes to deciding upon any hosting business. Nonetheless, it may still not be ‘the best’ deciding element. You should stress upon fine and therefore, accept nothing however the most fulfilling hosting issuer. Even though it ability you need to shell out a few greenbacks more.


Got a internet hosting deal that is just too decent to be authentic? Before you signal on the dotted line and seal the deal. Ask the hosting provider what all are protected in the hosting kit. When an inexpensive hosting package will not have the optimum hardware configurations integral to serve your requirements. In the end, lead to considerations akin to downtime or loading concerns. If the points add-ons blanketed in the equipment fit your wants in the very best approach. Then go ahead and select the hosting enterprise.


One of the vital clear benefits of getting your WordPress from a reputed hosting company is extraordinary tech support. There is in spite of everything, no denying the fact that you need an individual.

With the appropriate internet hosting enterprise, the other steps will basically fall in area.


Responsive design is the crux of any cellular-informal website like it. Creates similar adventure regardless of the device used to view the site and navigate through it. Other than being effortless to access from distinctive cellular instruments. A responsive website also brings to the desk website positioning merits and is tons less complicated to manipulate ultimately. Launch by using determining from a big range of WordPress themes and plugins. Which make the web page responsive. Alternatively, in case you want to are trying your hand at the usage of responsive design framework. You can follow 1stwebdseigner’s book to making a domain responsive in about quarter-hour!


It doesn’t remove a while to bet the proven fact that if you happen to design for mobile. You deserve to take into account the font sizes and the button sizes. The thought is to make “touch ambitions” less complicated to hit for the users. The greater contact target is, the less difficult. It turns into for the users to remove the favored call to action.

Say as an example: When a person wants to register on an eCommerce site. He would want to right now fill all the fields and enter the put up button. When the button is intricate to touch and faucet, users tend to get frustrated with the continual.  Unsuccessful efforts and can abandon the form altogether. Adding to the soar price of the web site.

The answer to avoid such cases is to show to user interface instructions offered by a lot of cell structures. Which you need to take into account for making your WordPress web page cell-warm. These guidelines peculiarly provide particulars about the font. Button and even icon sizes for different structures. By way of adhering to these, which you could never go noxious. When it comes to mobile-gracious internet design.


Nothing works on cellular devices like a clear, fundamental web design.

Whether it’s the colour scheme, the brand, the position of features. The typography and content, every thing must be basic for the clients. They should still be able to get the message. You want to deliver within a number of seconds of touring the site.

Some of the easiest tips on how to include simplicity is to decide on minimalism in your web page.

Get rid of any unnecessary aspect on the web site. This comprises all forms of snap shots, textual content, animation and so forth. Which avoid the web site’s skill to load speedy.

  • opt for clean, minimalist WordPress subject matters that suits your necessities.
  • pick out a minimalist color palette.
  • opt for a striking typography that stands out.
  • Make employ of whitespace.
  • Whereas these are some regular methods through which that you could go minimal when it involves your WordPress website. That you can all the time try experimenting and wreck some rules. Everyone likes to be surprised in any case. Examine, look at various. Look at various should you are finished making your WordPress website cell-neighborly for the users. The subsequent step is to verify it time and once more no longer simplest on a variety of mobile gadgets. But also using other tools akin to Google’s cell-amicable examine and W3C MobileOK Checker. All that you deserve to do is to copy and paste. The URL of your web page on the box supplied on these sites. And you will directly get the consequences. No ready!


    These are one of the vital glaring steps, with a view to support. You create a cellular-comradely WordPress site to your clients. Have a say on this? need us so as to add anything to the checklist? Tell us your views with the aid of posting a comment.

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