Important SEO ranking factors in 2022

SEO ranking factors continue to change, and it can be difficult to catch up with the latest development. But if you want to go to the top of your Google ranking, you should know about them. A high-ranked site gets more traffic over time, and means more potential customers and sells. If there is no SEO, the search engine will gain your site and will not do anything with all your efforts. 

Following is a list of the top latest SEO ranking factors 2022. They are –

The secure and accessible website 

Undoubtedly, the first of our SEO ranking factors has to do with having the URL of the right kind. To be precise, that’s a URL that Google’s bots can easily reach and crawl. In other words, Google must visit the URL and look at the contents of the page to see the contents of the page and understand what the page is about.

Back in 2014, Google suggested that all sites transition from HTTP to HTTPS; a modification that encrypted connections between internet systems (servers and browsers) and increased the security of users’ information such as credit card numbers or passwords. Despite the fact that this shift occurred several years ago, some websites still use HTTP, which can have a significant influence on their SEO rankings.

Google wants its customers to feel safe while viewing websites from their search results, and it will penalise websites that look to put their users at risk of being hacked. 

HTTPS is also important for user experience, as sites without it are frequently reported by browsers such as Chrome. Users are frequently greeted with a ‘warning’ page informing them that the site is not encrypted and that using it may represent a danger, which is likely to deter them. Another thing to keep in mind is that any links to or from your website should be HTTPS to show Google that your material is secure.

Page speed

The speeds are cited as one of the many years of SEO ranking factors. Google wants to improve the web user experience and accelerate web pages. Google has announced the search engine algorithm update that focused on the speed of the mobile page that has begun to affect the site as of July 2018. If your site is not loaded fast on your mobile device, it can be penalised. 

Page loading speed is crucial in SEO ranking since it pertains to user experience – search engines want to ensure that their users have a positive experience. Load speed can be a major source of frustration for consumers, especially if they suffer poor load times throughout the website.

Slow pages also have an impact on crawlers’ ability to crawl all of your website’s pages, which can eventually lead to a decrease in search visibility because not all sites will be assessed. A good website loading speed is generally anything less than 3 seconds, with ecommerce sites being slightly faster at less than 2 seconds. Google provides a report called Core Web Vitals that assists you in identifying and correcting poor user experiences on your website.

Mobile friendliness 

Mobile friendliness is another important SEO ranking factor.  More people use mobile devices to use mobile devices instead of accessing the web, but Google has changed how to rank search results. 

Domain age, URL and Authority 

Did you know that about 60% of the site with the best Google search rating is 3 years or more? The one million pages of Ahrefs studies suggest that there are few sites less than a year to achieve their rankings. If you have your site for a while and optimize it with this article, it is already advantageous.  

Optimized content 

The Google search algorithm is based on keywords. These are used when words and phrases look for information. They are also words and phrases that explain the topics of your site. Ideally, they coincide. Therefore, it is important to use keywords in content. 

Fresh and High quality content

Google Freshness Algorithm is a real game changer. The first extended algorithm in June 2010 has had a powerful impact in recent years. It may be a huge update to the previous article using a lot of old-ranked content. Google seems to be something biased to the new content because it prioritizes and confirms that at least some SERP functions are updated.  

Content is vital for SEO ranking because it is what attracts search engines to accurately index your pages and help rank your website higher. Google assesses content quality by examining a page’s content and structure, taking into account characteristics like as incoming and outgoing links, keyword relevancy, and usability. High-quality content is well-structured, engaging, and offers readers with value and relevant information by answering any queries they may have about what they look for.


One of the most important Google Ranking factors aims to provide the most relevant and useful results to better understand the user’s intention behind the search query. The rankbrain uses the machine learning machine to understand the relevance of the complex search and the specific topics at the same time that the user considers how the user behaves to the exact set of search results. Therefore, users and the most successful search results are rewarded with higher rankings. 


Backlink is one of the most solid ranking signals in Google’s search algorithm. The more links of multiple high performance domains, the better your possibility is well classified for the best keywords. A person of online marketing in charge must pay attention to the latest updates, such as “Penguin 4.0”, and should pay attention to a site with cleaned and filtered sites with backlinks of low-quality. 

Core Web Vitals

Previously announced in May 2021, but was postponed by Mid-june, with a full rollout in August 2021, sites with good Loading, Interactivity and Visual Stability measured with the Largest Contentful Paint, First Input Delay and Cumulative Layout Shift metrics accordingly.  

Schema Markup 

Schema markup is a type of microdata that generates a more detailed description (or rich snippet) that displays in search results, which can help your website rank higher and achieve more conversions. Schema markup, according to Neil Patel, is a virtual business card that, when applied to a website, allows users to see in SERPs what a website is about, where they are, what they do, and so on.

According to research, adding schema markup to a website can increase its rankings by an average of four positions. SEO will go locally in a big way, so if you think Google is highly classified, this is an important ranking factor, especially for small business SEO. The schema marking code helps the search engine better understand specific text, such as address, phone number, recipes, review and more.


We hope this article has helped you in understanding how important the role SEO ranking factors 2022 plays in the performance of your website and online business. If you’re looking to hire a company to offer you with it’s SEO services then we at Whitehat Codes will be glad to provide you with them. We are known for our SEO services, content marketing services, WordPress development and much more. You can visit our website to know more about us and our services.

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