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Top 7 Effective Link Building Techniques for 2021

If link building techniques are not in your SEO dictionary, then it’s time to get a new one. Obtaining relevant and authoritative backlinks is one of the best ways to improve keyword rankings and drive organic traffic. If you have heard of link building before but don’t know much about it, you are not alone. 

Over the years, link building techniques have undergone major changes, and companies can use a variety of methods to obtain backlinks. In this article, we will take a glance upon link building techniques and focus on the most commonly used strategies in the industry. 

Top 7 effective link building techniques –

Unlinked brand mentions 

Generally, publications mention a company in the article without linking to the company’s website. This brought a quick win for link building. In cases where your brand is mentioned but there is no link, you can send a request to the website editor asking if they can update the article with a link to your website. This process of finding the unlinked mentions is probably one of the most popular and successful link building strategies, especially for big brands. 

Local link building 

Local link building is a technique of allowing other websites in your nearby area / local area to link to your website. Although this is a great way for small organizations to gain organic traffic, this method of link building can also be one of the most challenging because local opportunities may be limited. Local link building usually involves contacting smaller, less authoritative organizations in the area where your company is located. 

Guest blogging

If you have the time and resources to create written content for industry websites, you may want to incorporate guest blogs into your link building strategy. Guest blogs usually involve contacting third-party posts and offering to create content for them. In exchange for providing high-quality articles for your website, the website will usually allow you to link to your own website in the article. 

Content-based link building 

Unlinked mentions and directory links are easy to win, but chances are limited. For this reason, many companies have found that using linkable content is the most effective way to ensure the long-term success of link building activities. In fact, this is the main strategy that many companies use for most of their customers. 

List your site in a trusted directory 

There are many directories online that have no real value to Internet users, and Google has excluded them from their search results. You don’t want your website to appear on this type of page. But not all online directories are bad. A directory not only just gives you the opportunity to post links to your website, but on the other hand it also provides useful information for your potential customers. 

Recover dead backlinks 

Sometimes you may find broken links pointing to your website. This can happen if the location of your page changes or if other webmasters misspelled your link. In both of these cases, such backlinks will show a 404 error. This type of problem can also frequently occur after the site is rebooted or migrated to another domain. Then you need to redirect these backlinks to other pages. 

Find the Strongest Competitor Healthy Backlinks 

Since Google released the Penguin update in 2012, strong links have not been the only concern for webmasters. If you do not want to be penalized, the link must also be secure. How do you find strong but risk-free links related to your niche? 


Link building techniques are a game of art and numbers. There are several ways to link to your website. Whether it’s writing new content to post on another website (guest blog) or allowing a website to insert your link into existing content (niche edit), there are countless ways to make a link point to your website. The challenge is to find an effective method.

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