How do you Figure out WooCommerce Server Requirements?

Do you want to run your WooCommerce Shop smoothly? Well, developing a great WordPress website through a great WordPress developer India isn’t just enough. You should know WooCommerce server requirements when it comes to optimizing and hosting your WordPress website over the WooCommerce platform. This will also help you to improve your conversion rates. Plus, your shop’s search engine rankings will also improve!

Choose and hire the best hosting provider:

Choosing the best web development company in India will help you to figure out the right WooCommerce server requirements. Don’t choose any shared hosting service provider. WooCommerce is now the most popular e-commerce platform in the world. This platform runs on WordPress. It’s a source of income for many small and large businesses. Different business websites have different WooCommerce server requirements. So, you need help from the experienced WordPress hosting provider. But, that’s not all. Here are a few more ways to figure out the right WooCommerce server requirements for your WordPress website.

Research and gather important data:

You should co-operate with the WordPress development India agency to gather necessary data related to your WooCommerce server requirements. Here are a few of the data that you need to research!

Your site’s daily traffic and page visits: 

Have to figure out how much traffic can your website drive on a regular basis. You can calculate how many people visit or browse your website. Use the Google Analytics tool to find these out. It will make you understand how busy the site can be during peak hours.

Average page weight and page loading time: 

Through Google Analytics, you will get data of the most visited pages. Copy and paste those page URLs to the GTMetrix. There you will gain data of each page’s weight from which you can calculate the average page weight. Also, calculate the average page loading time through GTMetrix. The hired web development India agency will use this data to match your WooCommerce server requirements.

Figure out your website’s required database size: 

You can ask the web design India service provider about your website’s database size. Also, figure out how many orders do your database have. That is an important element among all server requirements.

Enough CPU power and sufficient PHP memory: 

If your website will not have enough CPU power and PHP memory, then it will easily crash due to overload. So, focus on your website’s CPU core and RAM. Provide your website enough PHP memory limit. Choose the perfect WordPress development services India that will fulfill all your website’s server requirements.

Data backup and data protection: Ultimately, you should hire WordPress developer India who will provide the latest plugin updates to keep your website safe from harmful malware attacks. Also, the provider must offer daily data backup and staging services. Check if the hosting provider is offering you SSL certificates or not. Also, make sure that your website is using servers from legally safeguarded countries.

If you can follow these steps, then you can easily figure out the right server requirements to keep your WordPress website up and running 24/7.

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