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Trendy Web Designs in 2019

Web design has always been an essential part in web development. When a developer creates a web page his/her first target is to give the website a unique and trendy design which will attract people. The trend in designing a website as beautifully as possible has never got stopped and extraordinary designs always have been in the trending list! WordPress designer India

Designs that can attract the masses

Jotting down below some designs which will be trendy from 2019 and onwards and any web developer can surely give these things a try which can attract masses and make your website a trendy one.


Google rolled out mobile-first indexing in 2018 which means web developers need to focus more on developing web pages for the mobile version. This initiative will also be carried out in 2019 so designing a beautiful website for the mobile version is always at first priority.

According to a report, it also states that 50% of global website traffic arises from the mobile. So, building a good visual effect along with a good navigating experience needs to be highly considered in web designs in 2019.


Three seconds and a web designer’s fate can be decided. According to research, it says a person decides to stay or leave a website in three seconds.

The design must be convincing to the masses and it should also be kept in mind the home page shall not contain the huge number of pictures which can affect the speed of opening a website within three seconds.

3-dimensional Illustration

If you are making a website for e-marketing, 3D Illustration is a very important point you can keep in mind. Not every time your customer can be convinced by the 2D image of the product you are selling.

A 3D image adds more sharpness and the contrast of the image and this can be very useful to satisfy your customer with the images.

Fluid or Organic Design

Slowly as we are starting to widen the ideas and possibilities, old-fashioned straight lines or any type shape such as square or rectangle has started to fade away.

Any shape that is not anything like a typical circle, rectangle, square, sphere or pentagon are termed as fluid or organic design and now can be widely seen in web pages. This gives a trendy approach to a website and can attract masses easily with the design.

Nostalgic, throwback or any kind of Retro Design

Old is Gold! An old phrase which is still doing its job now. As the web pages are eliminating flat designs where experimentation seems to have no limits old shapes or structures add a bit of nostalgia in it and can attract the masses well enough.

There was a certain time when people weren’t much aware of websites or even some haven’t heard the name of the Internet.

Web Designers can go back to that period and collect the website layouts and modify on their own. This will add more retro and a bit of nostalgia. Some may even feel that to be a new design as they haven’t seen that before.

Keeping all these designs in mind a Web Designer may start developing their websites for 2019. These designs will surely be trendy in 2019 and adding their skills with these ideas a designer can make a pretty amazing web layout to attract the people.

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