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Is the WordPress economy shrinking?

Since 2003, the WordPress community has grown massively. It is the most powerful Content Management System or CMS on the market. There are many people who are running their businesses. These people completely depend on WordPress websites.  Different WordPress development services are helping new business start-ups in developing unique WordPress websites. Now, the question is: is the WordPress economy shrinking? What’s the future of businesses which are completely dependent on WordPress? To find out the answer, we need to dive into the areas of current WordPress market.

Bottom area:

WordPress market’s bottom area is failing. Many people are looking for inexpensive down-market alternatives. They are now adopting different DIY solutions. The WordPress designer India is using solutions like Wix and Squarespace. The designer is using available GPL WordPress design themes to create an endless number of unique website designs. These DIY solutions have made the website design process much easier and less expensive!

Middle area:

If you would see the current statistics, then you will find out that the middle area of the WordPress market is growing. Many businesses are choosing a WordPress website for various reasons like one platform, great integrated system, and customization services. WordPress services Indilike SEO, SMM, SEM, Email Marketing etc. are helping business to drive more traffic to their websites. That is automatically driving business sales. For all these reasons, WordPress middle area market is growing and gaining great profit!

Top area:

The top area of the WordPress market is focusing on cooperating with big WP teams. Large agencies now prefer to hire people in the house instead of investing their time and efforts on WordPress. Big publications like Disney, The Wire Cutter, etc. had already moved to in house solutions seven years back. So, there are lesser job requirements outside for the WordPress development company India.

Overall WordPress market situation:

If you would see the best Websites Portfolios, then you will see most of them are WordPress websites. Indeed, WordPress market’s bottom area is shrinking. But, the overall market growth is phenomenal. WordPress market can do better in the upcoming years. Plus, the businesses which depend on WordPress websites can enjoy better business growth with increased profitability.

Three core strengths of WordPress are:

  • Brand value: For the last fifteen year, WordPress has offered reliable and trustworthy services. Hence, the brand value will keep it growing in the future as well.
  • Ubiquity: WordPress is open for any finding of business. You will find more than 75 million WordPress websites running over the internet. That proves the platform’s ubiquity.
  • Community: WordPress community is massive. So many people are earning through it. Engineers, designers, marketing experts, contributors, and business owners work together in the WordPress community

Hence, the current WordPress market situation is great. Indeed, a few of its segments are not is a good situation right now. But, the other segments are growing massively. These segments are offering great opportunities to businesses, bloggers, designers, and publishers. Do you want to develop a unique web design portfolio for your business? You can hire professional WordPress developers who will help you in developing a perfect WordPress website.

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