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Why people prefer WordPress Over other content management systems (CMS)

With each passing minute, a new website pops up on the internet space. It is effortless to create a website today owing to the advancements witnessed during the last decade. Building a website became such an easy task with the emergence of several simple, easy to use website development tools. One of these tools is WordPress.

Building a simple website before WordPress relied heavily on lines of html, CSS, and codes from other programming languages which can be quite daunting. Although WordPress’s earliest design provided solutions to ease blog management, its transition into a Content Management System (CMS) has been one of the best things to happen to the internet.

Functionality and Features

Millions of operational websites amounting to more than 15% of top sites on the internet rely on WordPress. WordPress offers a lot in terms of functionality and features and is especially useful for the design of every aspect of a website, including its layout and user interface.

Among Content Management Systems, WordPress’ user stats continue to grow exponentially. If you are wondering why WordPress’ stats are terrific, do not think too far. People simply prefer to use WordPress above other CMSs.

Why do people prefer WordPress over other Content Management Systems?

This article will discuss the peculiarities of WordPress, and explain why many websites regard it as the go-to tool for the management of their content.

Ease of Navigating

The internet is a dynamic space with websites taking on different scales of changes by the minute. These changes make websites stand out among similar sites competing for limited visibility on the internet. The design may be outstanding, and a smooth user interface/layout may be preferential, but chief among the things giving websites increased traction and visibility on the internet is quality content.

Most website owners think that the beauty of their site and the ease of navigating the websites’ pages will make the website more attractive to their visitors. So, they make it compulsory for their web developers to include the most brilliant features on their site. Whereas, quality content is the most potent retaining force that can keep visitors glued to any websites’ pages.

Efficient Management System

Now, when you produce content for a website, what will determine whether it qualifies as quality content or not, does not end at the point of creating the content. No doubt, one should always endeavor to develop brilliant and fresh content for websites, but how you manage your content also determines if it will turn out as quality content.

WordPress comes in handy as an efficient management system for your quality content. WordPress is an adequate system with excellent features that you can use to manage your content after producing them. Apart from WordPress’s groundbreaking popularity, it also stands out among website developers and website managers for its versatility and its ease of use. While WordPress requires almost zero technical knowledge, such is not true of Joomla, Drupal and other Content Management Systems (CMS), which you cannot use without technical knowledge.

Seo Management Features

One of the flexible applications of WordPress is in the area of SEO. When websites operate per SEO requirements, such sites will pull a lot of traffic and engagements than sites that do not meet SEO requirements. Any website whose design does not make the most of website traffic from search engine engagements will lose out on a lot of benefits. For this reason, most website owners choose WordPress over other Content Management Systems (CMS) because WordPress allows them to set their website correctly in line with SEO requirements.

WordPress features come with a good number of excellent SEO management features. Thus, a website whose content management happens on WordPress will gain traffic from search engine engagements on Google and other search engines.

Themes and Plugins

WordPress’s SEO features are quite distinct, but most website owners and managers do not prefer it because of this alone. WordPress is preferred because it is not a rigorous system with fixed commands and responses. Website developers and website managers enjoy a great lease of freedom when using WordPress.

WordPress is also fast, and it is easily adaptable for mobile. WordPress also comes with a vast array of themes and plugins. Beyond these, WordPress is safe, flexible, and easy to understand.

If you were to survey to know why WordPress holds massive preference among website developers and website managers, you would see that they have different reasons why they prefer WordPress. All of these preferences point to the effectiveness of WordPress.

In general, we can summarize their preferences for WordPress in these six points:

  1. Cost – WordPress is an inexpensive Content Management System. The WordPress software and most WordPress plugins are free. When one compares the cost of using WordPress custom themes and its other features with other CMSs, one would see that WordPress is almost free. In fact, the value gained from these other CMSs pales in comparison to the productive work that one can do using WordPress.
  2. Regular Updates – WordPress updates are available periodically. Each update targets making WordPress’ application easier and simple to use for even those with no technical knowledge.
  3. Simple Content Management – Quality content rules the internet space, and WordPress rightly allows website managers to create and manage all types of content with much ease. WordPress is excellent for SEO purposes, and whether the content includes audio and visual content, it fits perfectly.
  4. Security and Safety – WordPress is a very safe platform with a hands-on approach to detecting and managing threats. Unlike other CMSs, WordPress has a team that focuses on the platform’s security on a 24/7 basis.
  5. Worldwide Reach – WordPress has its users spread around all regions of the world. WordPress speaks every language. Its excellent language translation plugins ensure that language does not serve as a barrier to its users.
  6. Communal Support – WordPress users enjoy mutual support. For users of WordPress, it is a big family where each user draws support from others. No other CMS enjoys such privileges. When WordPress users encounter problems, they can find solutions for their problems without having to wait for a response from WordPress support.
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